Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Reason Magazine: Opinion- Peter Suderman: Donald Trump's Vladimir Putin Summit Is Another Reminder Her Prefers Dictators To Democratic Leaders

Source: Reason Magazine- President Donald Trump & President Vladimir Putin, meeting in Helsinki, Finland 
Source: The New Democrat

Donald Trump, likes to portray himself as this big guy from Queens New York who doesn't take any junk ( to put it lightly ) from anyone and never gets pushed around. He always shows strength and toughness and is never soft. That is the reputation that he wanted to have in his 45 plus years in business and the reputation that he wants to have now as a politician. Except that in his heart he's basically just a bully. Trump, is a guy who'll be as tough as he possibly can against someone he says as a pushover, but if the person has any strength at all, he'll fall back.

Source: The Denver Post- Don & Vlad meeting in Helsinki 
If President Trump, believes he can push someone around and sees that person as weak, he has no problem attacking them verbally, because he doesn't believe that person can defend them self, but if that person fights back like Hillary Clinton or someone else, he backs down. Or if he views someone as tough like a Vladimir Putin, he'll be as nice as he possibly can even going as far as appeasing that person to make them feel as good as possible. He'll make our democratic allies in Canada and Europe, look like the enemy and the authoritarian dictators look like our friends.

Source: The Australian- Vlad & Don chatting 
Donald Trump, is the ultimate flatterer to people he views as tough and respects, who'll tell someone who just made them a peanut butter sandwich that is the best sandwich that he's ever eaten or the best meal he's ever had, even if the peanut butter sandwich only came with crackers and perhaps water and not even milk, he'll try to convince the person that he sees as tough as serving them the best meal he's ever had. Forget about those great steak dinner and other meals that he's had in New York or those great quarter pounders that he's had on his own airplane, the peanut butter sandwich is the best thing he's ever eaten, which is what he would want that person to believe.

Trump, doesn't care if the people he likes and respects are horrible people, just as long as he likes and respects them and he feels they like and respect him. If Donald Trump felt something he liked about Saddam Hussein, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Adolf Hitler, or any other mass murderer you want to name in world history, he'll be nice to that person regardless of what that person has done with their life or to other people. It's not about defending or promoting America or even the people who voted for him with Donald Trump, but defending and promoting Donald Trump the man. Or I would argue Donald Trump the lack of a man who doesn't have the guts ( to put it mildly ) to take on evil dictators. Even though he literally is the most powerful man in the world.

30, 40, 50, years ago Far-Leftist Democrats the George McGovern's of the world and even to a certain extent the Ted Kennedy's of the world, even though he moderated his politics at least on national security and foreign policy by the late 1980s or so, were seen as soft and people who appease dictators around the world especially Communists dictators. Before the McGovern's it was the Henry Wallace's of the world who had this reputation and now it would be the Dennis Kucinich's of the world from the last 10-15 years when he was in the House. And for good reasons because they were soft on authoritarians and authoritarianism and in some cases would even deny the obvious brutality that would go on in those countries that would be coming from the government's there.

I only mention this because if any major national Democrat who was looking at running for president or seeking a Democratic leadership post in Congress today the Elizabeth Warren's, Bernie Sanders of the world, said half or even a quarter of the nice things that President Trump has said about President Vladimir Putin, President Kim Jong-Un of the Communist Republic of Korea, President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China, President Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines, they would be seen as American traitors and as treasonous. If Hillary Clinton won the presidential election in 2016 and had said a quarter or half of the nice things that President Trump has said about these dictators, House Republicans would be calling for her impeachment immediately. But for some reason Donald Trump gets a pass from the same people who would be looking to arrest and lockup Democrats for doing the exact same things.

Living in America now is like being on a Twilight Zone episode or just living in The Twilight Zone, where you now have a Republican President who likes dictators and authoritarianism and who takes the word of President Vladimir Putin from the Russian Federation, who is a authoritarian right-wing Nationalist who locks up and even murders journalists and politicians simply for opposing him, over the word of the American intelligence community people he appointed to run those agencies who were confirmed by the U.S. Senate in most cases overwhelmingly. Career intelligence and national security professionals who run those agencies. The truth and evidence be dammed with President Donald Trump, if it doesn't backup up his spin and propaganda and helps him politically. That's the state of the Republican Party and American politics right now.
Source: Global News: Donald Trump Says He Takes Vladimir Putin's Word on Russian Interference in U.S. Election - President Donald Trump, who is supposed to be President of the United States and not working for the Russian Federation.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Liberty Pen: Charles Krauthammer- Insights on Big Government

Source: Liberty Pen- Syndicated columnist and Fox News political commentator Charles Krauthammer-
Source: The New Democrat

At risk of stating obvious ( not that I've never taken that risk before ) and I feel in this case it might be necessary since the term big government gets thrown out a lot I believe it's necessary to define exactly what big government is and what it isn't. Because it means a lot to everyone and to some people like Socialists and Communists, big government doesn't exist at all to them because they believe in unlimited government in many cases. And for Anarchists or people who call themselves Anarcho-Libertarians, big government to them is government that tries to do anything without their direct personal consent and permission. So it's important to explain exactly what big government is and what it isn't first and then Charles Krauthammer second.

Source: Jan Welflin- Charles Krauthammer, on Conservatives 
To put it simply, big government is government that does or tries to do too much. And if that is not simple enough, I suggest that maybe you have issues with the English language and perhaps need a translator to follow along.

But government attempting to run private industries and nationalizing private businesses are examples of big government.

Government telling free adults who they can consensually live and sleep with would be examples of big government like these so-called sodomy laws that attempt to outlaw homosexuality.

Government telling people who much they can eat and drink or what they can eat and drink, these nanny state laws would be examples of big government.

Government telling people where they can send their kids to school, would be an example of big government.

Government telling people where they can and can't get their health care and health insurance and trying to outlaw health care and health insurance in the private sector, would be examples of big government in America, even if Britain likes that type of health care system for themselves.

Government trying to outlaw law clearly constitutionally protected forms of free speech and expression. Like critical speech, hate speech even, pornography, certain forms of music and music videos that have a lot of adult content in them, TV shows and movies with adult content. Political correctness is a form of big government as well.

Big government is government that tries to do too much for the people and do for the people that they can do for themselves and do better for themselves. Like deciding where to send their kids to school and how to educate them. Where to get their health care and health insurance. How to plan their retirement and manage their money, including investing their money or even gambling their money. Government outlawing consensual sexual conduct where money even is exchanged like anti-prostitution laws, to me at least as a Liberal ( Classical Liberal if you prefer ) are big government laws and anti-free choice laws.

What Charles Krauthammer, was talking about here in this video when he was talking about big government like the Great Society are public safety net programs. Social insurance programs that are only there for people who are low-income and don't outlaw any private economic or personal activity, aren't big government laws or programs, but social insurance programs for people who are low-income. These laws don't make anything illegal or even make any form of consensual activity illegal, but give financial assistance to people who are in poverty even if they're also working.
Liberty Pen: Charles Krauthammer- Insights on Big Government

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Super Cousins: The Facts Of Life- Jo & Blair: Hot N Cold

Source: Super Cousins- Jo & Blair, best friends?
Source: The New Democrat

How do you describe the relationship of two young women which is what Blair Warner ( played by Lisa Whelchel ) and Jo Polniaczek ( played by Nancy McKeon ) were on The Facts of Life, going to high school at Eastland and then going to college together at Langley, how do you describe a relationship between two young women who on the outside you would almost have to think that these two women hate each other and yet it's hard to see a time or point when they would ever be separated.

Source: Karen Tusim- Joe & Blair, cold?
If you're familiar with the movie Who's Afraid of Virginian Woolf with Richard Burton and Elisabeth Taylor, they played a married couple who've been married a long time and they have two guest's over during the movie and Dick and Liz are always arguing with each other in the movie. With the second couple noticing all of this and thinking they should go because their hosts are obviously fighting and arguing and would perhaps would like to be left alone. With Dick & Liz saying, "you don't have to go because this is how we normally communicate with each other."

Source: Fan Pop- Blair & Jo, best friends?
I sort of look at Blair Warner and Jo Polnicczek as a married couple who've been together let's say 30 years and perhaps haven't been married that long and know each other so well and know each other's weaknesses and strengths and then represent the opposite of what the other stands for and believes in and know how to exploit that and yet would always be the first one to help or comfort the other when the other is in trouble and going through a rough time.

As hard as this is to believe for anyone who is not a hardcore fan of The Facts of Life and just watches casually, Blair and Jo really were best friends on the show. I think they were really the only great and true friend that the other had on the show. Even though they were always riding each other on the show. They were the first to back up the other when someone was giving one of them a hard time, to to offer advice when they were going through a rough time. Generally critical advice and pointing out their flaws while at the same time offering them advice in how to improve.

You can claim you hate someone all you want, but you don't try to prevent someone you claim to hate or act like you hate from making the biggest mistake in their life. Like dropping out of high school to marry a man who isn't even a junior officer in the U.S. Navy and not an officer at all, who is also AWOL ( absent without leave ) but that is exactly what Blair did for Jo when Jo decided that she wanted to drop out of Eastland to marry her Navy boyfriend. And that is just one example of Blair and Jo coming to the rescue of the other.

The Facts of Life was a great show and I believe the best sitcom at least about Generation X. At least the best show about that generation growing up and what life was like back in the 1980s as a youngster and teenager, but without Blair and Jo and I would argue without Lisa Whelchel and Nancy McKeon, and Mrs. Garrett ( played by Charlotte Rae ) keeping the crew together perhaps especially Blair and Jo, it's a good show but not a great show.

Those two women and perhaps Mrs. Garrett as well, brought people to show and to watch it. Sort of like a great soap opera where you have two great rivals on that show and people tune in every week or day to see what they might do to each other, Blair and Jo and I would argue Lisa Whelchel and Nancy McKeon just by themselves put people in the seats every week ( to use a sports analogy ) or had them tuning in every week to see what they would do next and what they would do to each other next.
Super Cousins: The Facts Of Life- Jo & Blair: Hot N Cold

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

What Show R U Watching: The Facts of Life- Blair Warner Tribute: Perfect Isn't Easy

Source: What Show R U Watching- Blair & Joe, on The Facts of Life-
Source: The New Democrat

Blair Warner ( played by Lisa Whelchel ) on her gorgeous, adorable baby-face, comes off as someone who looks down on people who drive Mercedes instead of Rolls Royces and owns one vacation home, instead of at least two, as people who are poor. As a very snobby, self-centered, narcissistic person, who looks down at middle class and even upper middle class people which is most of the students at the Eastland School where all these girls went. And that for anyone at this school or who comes across there, that it's their honor to just be in her presence. But if you're familiar with the cliches you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, or appearances can be deceiving, you know those cliches could've been written for Blair Warner.

Source: Zeta Boards- Lisa Whelchel, as Blair Warner on The Facts of Life 
All the snobby, selfish, self-centered, narcissistic characteristics about Blair Warner, are true. Except for perhaps the selfish characteristic. If you're familiar with The Facts of Life, you know that Blair is a very caring and feeling person, who would've given her right arm to save Jo Polniaczek ( her arch-rival on the show ) and if you watch these two characters on that show, you might get the slight impression that they hate each other.

Especially Jo ( played by Nancy McKeon ) because Blair represents everything that Jo hates, because Blair wasn't born with a silver spoon, but with a collection of silver spoons for each vacation home that the Warner Family owns. And has been given everything that she's ever wanted materialistically, while Joe comes from a broken home with her father being in prison and her mother working 2-3 jobs just to able to support herself and her daughter.

On the surface, Blair Warner looks like a goddess princess, perhaps the Queen of the Goddesses from Paradise World, who couldn't do anything wrong even if she tried or even wanted to and yet is a very adorable sweetheart who is always interested in what people around her are going through and tries to help others whenever she can and perhaps even especially Joe, even though they seem to hate each other on the show.

And yet Blair goes through the same issues that middle class and even upper middle class teenagers go through. Including self-doubt and knowing if they're good enough. Her parents get divorced on the show and her parents send her to Eastland at least partially to get away from her. Her father rarely if ever visits her on the show. Her mother seems more interested in starting a new life, than visiting her daughter at Eastland. Blair gets caught plagiarizing a poem, things that happen to middle class students and people struggling just to get by in school all the time. Blair seems to be perfect and yet is never able to find that one guy on this show even while they're in and out of college.

Blair goes through experiences that most if not all teenagers perhaps especially girls go through, in their adolescence. Things that happen to middle class kids all the time and yet Blair with her background and ability to get just about anything that she ever wants at any given time, goes through the same struggles and pains that everyone else goes through and is in need of the name support system that we all need. Which are people around us to support us when we're going through the rough waters of life not sure if we're going to make it through or not.

Blair Warner is my favorite character on The Facts of Life, not because she comes from a wealthy family and seems perfect on the outside. Yes, she's this gorgeous, baby-face adorable princess, with the personality and body to match and if anything is overly adorable and comes off as a little girl in many cases and if you look at Lisa Whelchel 30-40 years later today, she doesn't look much if any older. She still has that gorgeous baby-face and can still come off as a big little girl. But what I really love about this character is that she's real and honest. There's a real person and human inside of that goddess appearance that goes through the same struggles that almost every other middle class American goes through, especially when they're growing up.
What Show R U Watching: Blair Warner Tribute- Perfect Isn't Easy

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Jessie Britany: The Biography Channel- The Facts of Life

Source: Click Americana- The Facts of Life is Americana-
Source: The New Democrat

Looking back at the time I grew up in and the generation I'm a member of, I feel really good about and perhaps even lucky. The 1980s wasn't the perfect decade to grow up in, but that decade doesn't exist, but it was a great decade to grow up. I was only 14 by the time 1989 ended, but I remember the whole decade including Ronald Reagan being elected President in 1980.

Source: Its Our Tree- The main cast of The Facts of Life
And it was a great time for entertainment and television. If you look at the shows from that decade, you had Dallas which came out in 1978, but ran into the early 1990s. The Dukes of Hazzard which came out in 1979 and ran into 1985. Newhart which came out in 1982 and ran into 1990. The Cosby Show, ( named after guess who ) Different Strokes, Family Ties,  Cheers, The Fall Guy with Lee Majors that comes out in 1981, Magnum PI, with Tom Selleck, great decade for prime time soap operas like Dallas, but Dynasty, Falcon Crest, and Knots Landing.

It was a great decade for TV and the 1980s was probably the last decade in America where families actually got together and not just ate dinner together, but watched TV together. Cable TV wasn't a major player yet and the networks which back then was really only CBS, ABC, and NBC, were still dominant when it came to entertainment in America.

But then comes one show that was made for one particular generation about growing up in the 1980s and what that generation went through as kids and young adults. At a time when NBC needed a hit show and was actually in third place out of the three networks. The Facts of Life comes out at a time when NBC needed a hit and when Generation X deserved a show that was about them and what they go through growing up in America as this generation.

The Facts of Life is not the only sitcom about Generation X and for Generation X. Saved by The Bell from the early 1990s and Beverly Hills 90210 for the entire 1990s, Living Single,  and I'm sure other shows that follow were also about Generation X, but Facts of Life was the first show about this generation and also the first hit show about this generation. And it The Facts of Life was exactly as the title of the show suggests which was being about The Facts of Life and what life was like and everyone goes through in life and what life was like growing up during this era and time period.

That life wasn't always great or awful, but it was always real and there were always challenges and struggles that people especially kids and teenagers go through in life. And that life growing up was a learning curve and a time for people to try to learn and figure out what life was like. That we make good decisions, but we also make a lot of mistakes and with all of those mistakes are opportunities to learn and improve. About each other, but about people around us as well. People that we are close to and have good relationships with, but also about people we don't know as well, or people we know well, but don't like and perhaps even learn about people we don't like and find things in common with those people as well.

What The Facts of Life did through both comedy and drama as well and in some cases dramatic comedy by using humor to address difficult situations and show people what life was like and what it was like growing up as teenagers. But at the heart of the show it was a sitcom. Great funny writers, with a very funny cast that all had great comedic timing that was on to entertain people by making then laugh and even when they would go through tough situations like dieting, or even suicide, they would do it with humor and always look for the light side of life, because even in our worst situations in life except for perhaps the death of our relatives and friends, there tends to be a point where we can look back at it and laugh about. Which happens when people learning about The Facts of Life ( pun intended ) and what real life was like.
Source: Jessie Britany: The Biography Channel- The Facts of Life- Actress Molly Ringwald 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Derek Matthews: Derek's Wife- in Tight Jeans & Boots

Source: Derek Matthews- his wife, in jeans in boots-
Source: FRS Real Life Journal 

Gotta respect a guy who loves his wife so much and is so proud of her, that he would not just film her in public, but then put that footage out on public especially on a platform like YouTube, where a lot of other people would get to see her. And see how sexy she is and on the move like this. I guess you also have to respect or admire a woman, that has so much faith and trust in her husband, that she would be willing to show off not just for him, but for a lot of other people especially men to see her like this.

Source: Clips 4 Sale- Derek's wife's 
If you're familiar with the adult entertainment websites Clips 4 Sale and DevilButts, you know about the female models there who are always wearing the same denim jeans. Always from the same brand that being Lee Jeans. And they're almost always wearing ankle boots with those jeans. And all are very curvy with tight curves wearing short tight tops. They sort of look like country girls with their tight t-shirts or tank top, skin-tight jeans and boots, but these ladies are always wearing ankle boots. The woman in this video is wearing high boots with her Lee Jeans and a leather jacket, so she looks a little different from those other models.
Derek Matthews: Derek's Wife- In Tight Jeans in Boots

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Joseph Sanders: Gloria Loring- The Facts of Life: Full Song

Source: Joseph Sanders- Welcome to The Facts of Life-
Source: The New Democrat

I have to start this piece off on a personal note, because without it I'm not writing this today.

About a year ago perhaps a year ago exactly it was in early June last year, I wasn't feeling well one night and I couldn't sleep and decided to just get up at that point until I felt well enough to go to bead. Which I'm sure sounds strange, because why would someone have to feel well enough to go to bed. People generally go to bed because they're sick and aren't well enough to be up and around, but I'm lying in bed and I can't sleep and I feel like I have a bug ( not a bedbug ) and I get up to try to feel better. I'm still in my room and I go to my couch and turn the TV on ( it's a big room ) and find a Facts of Life marathon on and for you Facts of Life junkies it was the series of shows that were in France or took place there.

Source: New York Daily News- The Facts of Life cast 
The Facts of Life in a lot of ways if not most ways is about Generation X. I grew up with The Facts of Life being born in the mid 1970s and this show is about my generation in many ways if not most ways. People going to high school and college in the 1980s The girls on this show are all born in the 1960s, so they're a bit older than me, but same generation and they would be my older sisters or first cousins if we were related, except I would be about a foot taller than all of them, but so what. But I hadn't watched this show even the reruns of it in I don't know 20 years. I caught the theme song on YouTube a couple of years ago but this not a show that I kept up with at all since I've been an adult at least. Seeing this marathon one very late night early morning when I wasn't feeling well brought this show back to me.

Source: Mental Floss- The Facts of Life cast 
Last summer from June perhaps through August and maybe even September, I'm watching Facts of Life reruns everyday and developed a crush on Blair Warner ( played by Lisa Whelchel ) and started searching for information about her and learned that after The Facts of Life she went into a new career and got into writing and wrote a couple of book even, became a professional speaker. She's basically been a part-time actress and I'm guessing by choice since she left The Facts of Life and created a new positive life for herself outside of Hollywood. I saw a couple of her movies which weren't great like a Hallmark movie she did with Kim Fields. ( Who played Tootie on Facts of Life ) I'll have more about Lisa Whelchel and Blair Warner in the next few weeks, but this is supposed to be about The Facts of Life theme song.

Source: Like Totally 80s- The Facts of Life cast
As far as theme songs, is there a better 1980s theme song than The Facts of Life ( by Gloria Loring ) at least a song with lyrics? Growing Pains was great, not sure it's better. Cheers was great, not sure it was better. Different Strokes was great and might be as good or better. The show is not as good but that might up for debate. The Family Ties theme song is a great but not as good. The Unknown Stuntman theme song that was actually delivered by Lee Majors himself, might be better than The Facts of Life. But when your'e talking about lyrics and delivery I think The Facts of Life might be the best sitcom theme song ever.

Source: Genius

"You take the good

You take the bad

You take them both and there you have

The facts of life

The facts of life

When the world never seems

To be living up to your dreams

Then suddenly you're finding out

The facts of life are all about you

When there's someone that you care about

It really isn't fair

They're out to slow you up

When you're growing up

When you let them flirt

And then you hurt

A waiting when your date is late in showing up

Then you're growin' up

When it's more than just the birds and the bees

You need someone telling you please

There's only one conclusion

There will always be confusion over you

It takes a lot to get 'em right

When you're learning the facts of life"

It's not just a beautifully written, commonsensical, well-delivered song, but it's so spot on. That without The Facts of Life, we're really nothing. Forget about freedom and how great that is, because without The Facts of Life, we're just a bunch of idiots going through the motions, because we don't have the information that we need to make the right decisions for ourselves and live a great life. "You take the good, you take the bad, there you and there you have." That life is neither heaven or hell but it's real and that sometimes life will be great and sometimes life can really suck and really test you to see if you're worthy of moving on and strong enough to get through the deep valleys of life and work your way back to the top. That "it takes a lot to get life right when you're learning The Facts of Life."

That is what I get out of this great beautiful theme song and a lot of what this show is about which is teaching these teenage girls in the 1980s about what life was really about. And that the best way you learn is though experience and actually doing things and not just reading about them and hearing what others have to say about it, but physically experiencing those experiences yourself. That if anything you get more out of life from bad experiences, from losses, from mistakes. Because those are tools that people need in order to get better and prevent us from thinking too much of ourselves and that life is just one great stop on top of a hill where we never get knocked down. That is what The Facts of Life represents to me.
Joseph Sanders: Gloria Loring- The Facts of Life: Full song