Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hazeldon Foundation: Video: Ending Homelessness

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As much as Conservative Americans would dispute this there are actually multiple functions of Big Government. There is the Democratic Socialist version of "Big Government" thats common in Europe that you see in Britain or Sweden that Democratic Socialists would like to see in America with a large Welfare State by American standards where the Federal Government plays a big role in providing goods and services for society. But where there's a vibrant private sector but with high taxes by American standards to finance the welfare state thats also highly regulated again by American standards.

But there's also another version of Big Government thats not as well publicized that the media and left liberals and libertarians haven't done a very good job publicizing its a authoritarian right-wing version of Big Government that you see in the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the Saudi Kingdom where there's limited social freedom where people don't have Constitutional Right to live their own lives. Where people can be arrested for doing something thats considered morally offensive even if they are not hurting anyone else with their action or actions. Like reading a porn magazine would be illegal in a society like this that Christian Conservatives would like to see in America.

I'm not saying that all Christian Conservatives are bad people because that certainly not true even though I disagree with their politics and their religious views. But what I'm saying is as much as the Far Right and a lot of Christian Conservatives are part of the Far Right in America. Like the Christian Coalition or the Family Research Council just to use as examples. As well as the Christian Right having leaders in Congress like Republican Senator Jim DiMint from South Carolina to use as an example. But as much as the Far Right rails against Big Government they are being dishonest in a sense because they believe in Big Government but a different version of it.

And as much as they praise the U.S .Constitution a paper as a Liberal that I love they only believe in parts of the Constitution the parts of it that fits into their political ideology. Like the First Amendment because it protects political speech but what they don't like about the First Amendment is that protects different versions of speech that it doesn't say Americans have the right to free political speech but the Right to Speech and that the Federal Courts as well as Lower Courts have ruled and I believe correctly that the First Amendment protections is much broader then political speech. The Christian Right also loves the First Amendment because it protects Americans rights to Freedom of Religion. But what they don't like about the First Amendment is the Separation of Church and State. 

So when you hear someone rail against Big Government see if you can find out of version of Big Government" they are railing against and if they are only railing against only one version of Big Government see if you can find out their positions on another version of  Big Government. Because you might be able to find them being hypocritical.