Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Sunday, July 24, 2011

"The Cartel Director Bob Bowdon on Education Reform: Time for Public School Choice

I love the idea of School Choice in our Education System, the idea that parents would have a choice in where they could send their kids to school. I believe is the best thing that we could do for our Education System to reform it. Because it would force our Public Schools to do a good job and perform, especially Low Income Communities where a lot of the students there are forced to go to a bad school. And in a lot of cases don't bother even finishing school and dropping out. Having kids early, ending up on Public Assistance or working Minimum Wage jobs most of their adult lives or worse ending up in jail or prisons, perhaps going through the Revolving Door of our Criminal Justice System. This would force our Public Schools to do a good job to retain or get new students. Because parents would now have a choice in where to send their kids to school. Would no longer be forced to send them to a bad school anymore because they would now have a choice in to where they send their kids to school. School Choice would also be one of if not the best Anti Poverty Programs we could create as well, because kids who come from Low Income Family's would now have a good shot at getting a quality education. And getting a scholarship or Student Loans to go to college in the future and escape poverty for good.

My idea of School Choice is Public School Choice for the simple fact that I believe Tax Revenue should be spent on Public Services not Private Services. Thats one reason, another would be as much as libertarians and others may want to eliminate the Public School System in America they never will. We'll always have Public Schools in all fifty States, there will never be enough libertarians in power in America to eliminate the Public School System at least in my lifetime and I have a ways to go. So since we'll always have a Public School System and competition within our Public Schools is a way to reform it in a positive way. Besides even if we ever did that, someone who believes there's a way to eliminate the Public School System, I would like them to explain that to me. But with this being the case there will never be enough Private Schools in America to house all of our 100M or students in America and private unlike Public Schools don't have to accept all students that come their way. So some students could get left out without a school to go to. So what we need to do is have the best Public School System that we possibly can and Public School Choice is one way to accomplish this.

I don't have a problem States and Local School Districts having a Private School Choice System, because thats their right they control education in their jurisdiction. As long as they do it with their own Tax Revenue and not Federal Tax Revenue, because education is mostly as State and Local Issue.