Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Case for School Vouchers: Federal vs Local Control in Education

I'm personally not in favor of Private School Vouchers especially at the Federal Level, where education is mostly a State and Local Issue as it should be. They know the populations that they have and what they have to work better then the FEDS. Also because I believe money that Tax Payers would spend on Private School Vouchers, could be better spent on paying good educators more money, investing more resources in well performing Public Schools and better Starting Salary's of Public Educators. As well as Public School Choice, bringing in competition to the Public School System, forcing Public Schools to compete and do well in order to keep getting students. Including Charter Schools independent Public Schools that are still owned by the Local Government. Education is mostly a Local Issue with States having a role to provide support and some limited direction. If Local Government's want to fiance Private School Vouchers, then they have the ability to do that without the State and FEDS prohibiting that. But the Federal Government shouldn't be deciding how parents send their kids to school and to what schools they send their kids to. This is an issue for the locals to decide how their students are educated and then the parents should have the Freedom of Choice to decide how their kids get educated. Through either Public or Private Schools and which school they send their kids to. Which shouldn't be decided on where they live and forcing kids to automatically have to go to bad schools just because of where they live. But be able to send their kids to the best school thats for their kid, the school thats best for their kids and will give them the best education possible. And Private Schools if they want to can also finance on their own Private School Scholarships for well deserving Low Income students that are stuck going to bad schools.

Education is a Local Issue with the States being the first line of support and then the FEDS to help out with financing, research and that basic standards are met. But the Federal Government shouldn't be in the business of running Public or Private Schools, with vouchers or anything else. This is an issue for Local Governments.

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