Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, July 8, 2011

Constitutional Conservatives?: Todays Conservatives don't understand the term

When I here lets say Modern Conservatives the Rick Santorum's, Herman Cain's, Michelle Bachmann's, Sarah Palin's of the World call themselves Constitutional Conservatives. Speaking in favor of the US Constitution that the Federal Government should only do what's laid out for it in the Federal Government. A question comes to my mind and I really don't say this to be insulting or flip, this is exactly how I feel. Should I laugh or feel sorry for these people who probably failed Social Studies in High School and had to take it again. Or have forgotten almost everything they learned about the Constitution in High School, College and in Law School in Sen. Santorum's case and I believe Rep. Bachmann as well. Because when they speak about something they don't either understand or don't have a strong grasp of what they are talking about. And to put it in a not nice blunt and truthful way, they are speaking out of their ass when they are speaking about the US Constitution. There isn't a Constitutional Conservative running for President in the Republican Party today. The closest would be Rep. Ron Paul but he's a Constitutional Libertarian not a Constitutional Conservative and there's a difference. Constitutional Libertarians believe the Federal Government should be doing even less then the Constitutional Conservatives. There are a few Constitutional Conservatives or Libertarians in Congress like Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Ron Johnson and Sen. Mike Lee. And perhaps a few in the House, like the Libertarian Faction of the Tea Party as well as Rep. Ron Paul. Constitutional Conservatives don't believe in things like banning gays in the military or banning gay people from getting married. Or passing a law making pornography illegal that would get thrown out by the Federal Courts on First Amendment like they always have. At least not at the Federal Level, because Constitutional Conservatives don't care about how people live their own lives. They believe thats none of government's business.

To be a Constitutional Conservative, first of all you have to know what the hell it means to be a Constitutional Conservative. Thats the first test that Modern Conservatives have failed, these people are authoritarians not Constitutional Conservatives. Then you have to understand that the US Constitution protects more then just Political Speech, Freedom of Religion and the Right to Bare Arms. Thats the second test that Modern Conservatives fail.

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