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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Milton Friedman Debates Naomi Klein: Two Competing Political Ideology's

This is a great debate except for the fact that Milton Friedman and Naiomi Klein never debated each other in person, as far as I know. Because thats a debate I would pay to see in person. But this is what debates are suppose to be about, debates to me are not suppose to be, excuse the expression if it offends you. An Ass Slapping Contest, where the two debaters take turns agreeing with each other and even go out of their way to agree with the other one more. And its really just the Fine Print that they disagree with if anything. Debates are suppose to be between to people that represent different visions and perhaps different Political Ideology's. In where the debaters disagree on most things if not everything but disagree with each other hopefully in a respectful way. And perhaps share the same goals in what they want to accomplish but have different visions in how to accomplish these goals. That in a Perfect World or if your a socialist in Planet Utopia is what debates would look like at least to me.

The two competing visions here between Naomi Klein and Milton Freidman, two people with different Political Ideology's as different as water and fire by the way, or a Meat Lovers Platter and a Vegetarian Salad. Is Democratic Socialism on Naomi Klein's part, the idea that government should be used to make the country as good and fair as possible through Social Insurance Programs from the Federal Government, the Welfare State. And that no one should make too much more money in their eyes then others. And when they make too much money in their eyes, they should be highly taxed and that money should be given to people who don't have enough. Thats the Naomi Klein Political Vision the Fairness Doctrine or a quick summary of it.

Milton Friedman's Political Ideology of libertarianism and his vision of Maximize Freedom which is very simple. Which is one reason why so many people don't understand it, thinking its gotta be more complicated then that. Is that let Free People should be free to go out and live their lives as they see fit as long as they are not hurting anyone else with their freedom. This includes Economic Freedom which is where socialists would disagree with Professor Friedman. The more money people have the more freedom that they'll have to live their own lives the way they want to. So people should have the freedom to earn and make as much money in life as their skills and production will allow. That greed is essentially good because it gives people the incentive to work as hard and be productive as possible. To be as free as possible to live their own lives and be as less dependent on the Federal Government as possible for their Economic Survival. That there's no such thing as a perfect society or a Utopia and that government is not capable of creating this. So you might as well give people as much freedom as possible to create their own wealth, freedom and happiness to make society as just as possible.

Two competing Political ideology's and Visions and what Naomi Klein and Milton Friedman offer here is a choice. The Freedom for people to Choose which vision to select or not select at all and perhaps pick something else or nothing. Thats what Free People can do in a Free Society like America.