Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, July 11, 2011

Papantonio: Sarah Palin, The Perfect Voice for the GOP: Maybe for the Tea Party/Christian Right

If your talking about what the Republican Party used to be and about and what Classical Conservatism is about and how it used to run the GOP. Then of course not, no way Sarah Palin is the best voice for that GOP, because for the simple fact that Sarah Palin doesn't understand what Classical Conservatism is about and what Constitutional Conservatism is about either. For the simple fact that when she says she's a Constitutional Conservative and then someone asks her what does that mean, she can't answer the question. She's not even a politician anymore or very good at politicking at least when it comes to running for office. She had that chance and that time has come and gone, at best now she's a Political Celebrity out there to make money and to entertain. Two things she does very well, could probably have a very good career at being a Political Comedian. Her Political Influence however has to do with her popularity in the Tea Party/Christian Right base in the Republican Party. To influence who gets nominated and supported in the Republican Party, sorta like an Elder Stateswomen in the party if you can be that at the age of 47. Perhaps she's making new ground there but thats what can happen you give up your Political Career in your mid 40s by how you ran your last election. She doesn't have a strong command of the major issues and I don't believe she wants one either. For the first time she's wealthy and perhaps happy in life and if she got divorced, would probably end up paying her husband money in the divorce. Sarah Palin is not even the best voice for the Christian Right/Tea Party, Michelle Bachmann now has that title who actually is a Professional Politician despite all the missteps she makes. But still a hell of a lot less missteps then Sarah Palin would make if she was running for some office.

Sarah Palin is not running for office, President, Vice President, Congress, Governor or anything else. She loves her role as a Political Celebrity and raking in the cash that comes with it. And why not, aint America a wonderful country, where you don't even need may skills to be successful in life.