Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rep. Ron Paul: 'Freedom Is a Young Idea and We're Throwing It Away': Libertarianism vs Neoconservatism

I agree freedom is a young idea as far as how it relates to World History but the freedom is the idea that America was founded on, so its not a new idea in American History. And speaking of freedom, Rep. Ron Paul is a libertarian running for President in the Republican Party. With two other Libertarian Candidates in Gary Johnson and John Huntsman but he's the only libertarian getting serious attention. The rest of the Republican Presidential Field, is made up of Neoconservatives and Theocratic Conservatives. And Mitt Romney who wants to be everything to everybody but is basically when he's not running for President a Classical Conservative. Who's been a big believer in Individual Freedom at least in the past, on things like abortion and Gay Rights. Until he decided he wanted to win the Republican Nomination for President and calculated that those positions wouldn't fly in the Republican Party. So Rep. Paul really stands out in this Republican Field, which is why I've been arguing the last few months at least. That he no longer belongs in the Republican Party and should switch to the Libertarian Party. And some have argued to me that he would have no shot at becoming President in the Libertarian Party. My points to them are, first of all Ron Paul will never be President of the United States anyway, he will never get the Republican Nomination. In a party thats dominated by Theocratic and Neoconservatives, especially if GOV Rick Perry decides to run for President. And with the shape of the Libertarian Party today, he would never be elected President with them. And would have to spend a lot of resources just trying to get on State Ballots and other things that President Obama and the Republican Nominee will already have. But thats not my argument for Ron Paul to switch back to the Libertarian Party, where he was once a member and won their Nomination for President back in 1988. Especially since Rep. Paul is retiring from the House after this term. I believe with his ability to raise money, command mainstream Media Attention like here in this interview and reach out to young libertarians as well as liberals and even Classical Conservatives. He could build the Libertarian Party into a major force in American Politics and give them the ability to compete with democrats and republicans all over the country.

Ron Paul especially since he's retiring from Congress, could spend the rest of his Political Career, if he ever gets tired of running for President. Building his message of Maximize Freedom and taking it nationally with a strong Political Party behind him and be the official Libertarian Leader in America. Whether its the current Libertarian Party thats reformed and rebuilt or a new Libertarian Party.