Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rep. Ron Paul replies to Michael Moore on Health Care Reform in 2009: Is Health Care a Right

Is Health Care or Health Insurance a right, well lets see to put it simply its not a black and white issue and thats not a duck its really not that simple. If your really sick and badly hurt and you go to an Emergency Room, yes they have to take care of you. If a doctor sees a hurt person somewhere and they can help that person. The doctor basically has to do whatever they can to help that person, pure and simple. So to that extent yes americans have a right to Health Care and I doubt most people would disagree with that. But if someone is hurt on a street or on a road and someone drives by and does nothing to help the injured person. The person who ran away, whether they had a Moral Obligation or not, they are not legally or constitutionally responsible to help that person. And these are just two examples. Do americans have a right to Health Insurance, of course not, its not in the US Constitution which protects and guarantees all of our rights. If you want more evidence, 50M out of a population of 310M people don't have Health Insurance or don't have enough Health Insurance. Now you could make a case that this is a big problem that the Federal Government should try to help solve. And I think the 2010 Affordable Care Act is a first step in that but legally the Federal Government doesn't have to do anything about it. Whether they have a Moral Responsibility or not which is debatable. You could make a very good case either way and I believe most liberals, conservatives, libertarians, socialists and independents believe the Federal Government should do something about Health Care Reform or fix things that have already been done. Its just that all five of these Political Factions have their own approaches to solving this problem. But none of them have to, they are all interested in solving this problem because its a big enough problem to solve. And having that many people uninsured and not being able to pay for their Health Care in any way on their own. Makes Health Care and Health Insurance more expensive for everyone else, thats why they are interested in solving this issue. Not because they have a legal or constitutional responsibility to do so.

Americans have a Constitutional Right to live free as long as they are not hurting anyone else with their freedom essentially. But they are also with that freedom, responsible for their own actions in life good and bad. Because they are also responsible for taking care of themselves as well and are held accountable for their actions.