Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ron Paul won't seek re-election for Congress

This is a smart move by Rep. Ron Paul, he could accomplish so much more for the Libertarian Movement out of Congress then he can in the House of Representatives. He's not going to be elected President ever but what he can do out of Congress is spend the rest of his Political Career, building the Libertarian Movement in American Politics. Within the Libertarian Party or out of the LP and perhaps form another Libertarian Party that, I don't know is run a lot better then today's LP. Or work to reform the LP and work to build the Libertarian Movement in general. So more Libertarian Candidates would run for Political Office, not just for Congress and President but for Governor and other State and Local Offices. America in my opinion needs another choice in politics, perhaps more then just another choice. The current Two Party System isn't working right now, other then to keep the two parties in power and soot their needs. A strong Libertarian Party, a strong Socialist Party, a strong Independence Party would all be good for American Politics. As well as the fringes in both the Democratic and Republican Parties, moving out of those parties. So they can go back to being the Liberal and Conservative Parties in America. Instead of the Democratic Party being a mixture of liberals and socialists, with the socialists threatening to destroy the party every time the Democratic Leadership does something they don't like. As well as the Republican Party going back to being the official Conservative Party in America. Instead of a mixture of conservatives and authoritarians both secular and theocratic authoritarians. And making the Republican Party look like a Far Right party instead of a conservative party. This is a good move on Rep. Paul's part because now he can fully focus on the Presidential Election of 2012 and building the Libertarian Movement going forward.

Ron Paul doesn't fit in the Republican Party anymore to begin with and hasn't fit in that party for about twenty years now. Since the Christian Right and the Neoconservatives took over. He's a libertarian running for President in a party where the Presidential Candidates need the support of these two Authoritarian Factions in order to get elected.