Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Walter E Williams: Civil Rights Assumptions: No Perfect Society

America will never get past its Legacy of Racial. Ethnic, Religious or Gender Bigotry that will always be with us. And no matter what we'll ever do, we'll never have a perfect society with no discrimination and where everyone is equal economically or anything else. We are all individuals with our own skills and abilities and its really up to us as a society to decide for ourselves what we do with our skills. Whether we live up to our Full Potential or not. That doesn't mean we should have the goal to having the best society that we can with as little bigotry as possible. Knowing we'll never have a perfect society but that we shoot for this goal that we'll never achieve, to build the best society as possible. Just because some peoples in society haven't done as well as others, doesn't mean we should say, look they've been down for so long. That must mean there's no hope for them, they are destined to be on Public Assistance for their whole lives. And generations after them, we might as well just leave them there. And use the America Legacy of Bigotry to make our case that we care about them, argue more Social Insurance Programs that we'll leave them down but with a little more money. And we'll also use this message to stay in power so we sound like we care and to raise more money in the future. I don't mean to sound partisan if this sounds like I'm coming from a Slanted Position on this but this is how I feel. The last thing that we should do with people who are down because they don't have the skills to get up, is to leave them there. And make the bogus argument as old as it is, that they are destined to fail because of bigotry. What we should do instead, is first have strong Civil Rights Laws, that would prevent bigotry from happening in the first place. And then justly punish bigotry when it happens, for one to give the Victims of Bigotry justice but also to prevent bigotry from happening in the future. And then what we should do is have the best available education possible for the whole country. That has the best teachers possible, holds them accountable for good and bad. Pays them well enough to go into education in the first place and then give the parents as much choice as possible as to where to send their kids so they aren't forced to going to bad schools. And then also give the parents of Low Income students the ability to finish their education and further their education so they to can get a good job.

The American Legacy of Bigotry is a horrible evil thing that we'll never live down, just like Germany will never live down Nazism. But that doesn't mean because of this fact that we just give up and accept it. That certain groups of people aren't doing as well as others and that they will always be destined to be worse off then other groups. We should do is empower these people instead to be able to live up to their Full Potential as well just like other groups of people in society.