Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Andrew Napolitano:"What Ever Happened To The Constitution?": What is it for

If you look at the US Constitution and what its about, its a very Individualist Document designed to empower the people and limit the government. Its all about Individual Freedom and Limited Government with Check and Balances designed to make the Federal Government perform somewhat ineffective to prevent it from becoming very powerful. Unlike European Republics and Canada to a certain extent, where most of the power in the Federal Government resides with the Executive. But if you look at the US Constitution, its all about Individual Freedom and Limited Government, freedom for the people and limits on government written by libertarians and liberals. With all sorts of Individual Rights, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to practice or not to practice Religion, the Right to Bare Arms, the Right to Privacy, the Right for the people to select their Leaders, limits on the Federal Government. Its the one Political Document that liberals Classical Conservatives and libertarians all love. Where Religious Conservatives, Neoconservatives and socialists all have major issues with. Because it puts limits on what the Federal Government can do, in Religious Conservatives case, Separation of Church and State. As well as strong limits on how government can regulate how people live their lives. In Neoconservatives case limits on what the Federal Government can do enforce Law and Order and our National Security. In socialists case limits on what the Federal Government can do in the economy as well as regulating things like Hate Speech where some of them believe should be illegal.

So if your a liberal Classical Conservative or a libertarian and your in Public Office, your job is to defend the US Constitution and defend Individual Liberty. And not let any government that you work for pass any law that would restrict Individual Liberty, the ability for people to live their own lives. If your a theocrat, Neoconservative or a socialist, you really need to amend the US Constitution which is almost impossible as it was designed to be and believe correctly so. Especially in the area of Property Rights again another Individual Liberty protected by the US Constitution, in order to pass your agenda. Thats what theocrats need to do if they want to bring religion closer to government and pass Anti Pornography Laws, Anti Homosexuality Laws and any other law that would make discrimination legal in America. For Neoconservatives to make their agenda law, they basically need to pass a Constitutional Amendment to throw out the Fourth Amendment that protects our privacy as well as another Constitutional Amendment to throw our Property Rights. And if socialists want to pas their agenda, they are going to need to pass a Constitutional Amendment to limit or throw out Property Rights. If they want to pass Single Payer Health Insurance and perhaps another Constitutional Amendment to repeal the 11th Amendment that limits what the Federal Government can do. If they want to nationalize the Education System or something.

Limited Government is exactly that, limits on what government can do to prevent it from becoming too strong and to protect Individual Freedom. This is something that liberals, Classical Conservatives and libertarians all agree on and what those Political Ideology's all have in common. And the Constitution is something that tends to get in the way of theocrats, Neoconservatives and socialists when they try to pass laws.