Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Betrayal of the Constitution": "An Expose of the Neoconservative Agenda": The Downfall of the GOP

If you look at the Downfall of the Republican Party as I would call it, I believe it started in the early 1990s as far as them losing power. With the Republican Party losing the White House in 1992, while democrats kept control of Congress as well in that election. But it started a generation before that when the Republican Party with Richard Nixon brought in the Religious Right to expand the Republican Base. So they can become competitive in the South and Rural America. And then they became very powerful in the late 1970s when they took on President Carter and the Democratic Congress. And the Anti Tax Wave that hit America in this period. That Ronald Reagan used to win the White House in 1980 and then he brought Neoconservatives on his Economic Council and National Security Council. People like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Pearl and others. Which gave them major power in a Conservative Administration. The Republican Party brought in Neoconservatives and the Religious Conservatives in the party in the late 60s, 70s and 80s. And the Religious Right gained huge power in the mid 90s when the Republican Party won back control of both Chambers of Congress in 1994. They brought in these two Political Factions in a Classical Conservative Party that was made up of Constitutional Conservatives. That government especially the Federal Government should only have the power thats laid out for them in the US Constitution. But the problem with the Republican Party of the 1960s was that they weren't very competitive outside the Midwest and West, they weren't a true National Party. One of the reasons why democrats controlled Congress for as long as they did and also won as many Presidential Elections as they did from the 1932-76. So the Republican Party needed another block of voters to become competitive in Congress and always have a good shot at the White House. Which is how they won 5-7 Presidential Elections from 1968-92 and controlled the Senate from 1981-87 and won back control of both Chambers of Congress in 1994.

But what is Neoconservatism, its basically a Political Ideology that believes National Security is more important then Individual Freedom and the Constitution. Just look at the Patriot Act and that the United States Foreign Policy especially its military, should be used to promote democracy around the World, just look at Afghanistan and Iraq. And that government should stay out of the economy when it comes to regulating it and cut taxes and pay for things by borrowing the money. Just look at the Bush Tax Cuts of 2001-03, the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq 2001-03 and Medicare Advantage of 2003. And this Neoconservative Policy when it comes to governing finally caught up with the Neoconservative Bush Administration 2006 and 2008. When they lost control of Congress and then in 2008 when they lost the White House. Because the Bush Administration moved away from the Core Values of Classical Conservatism of Limited Government and Individual Freedom. And instead moved to make the Federal Government even more powerful then they already were.

The Republican Party needed to expand its Political Base in the 1960s which is exactly what they did in the late 60s. To make then a true major National Party. But the reason why they struggled to be relevant in this time period up until 1967 or so. Was not because of their Political Ideology of Classical Conservatism. The Barry Goldwater's, Gerry Ford's, Everett Dirkson's of the World. There problem was that they didn't reach enough like minded voters and they should've targeted libertarians instead.