Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fox Mulder: 'Libertarian Fascist Coup Against FDR'

Source: Fox Mulder-
Source: Fox Mulder: 'Libertarian Fascist Coup Against FDR

Was FDR's New Deal the birth of libertarianism in America? Probably not because the U.S. Constitution was written by Conservative Libertarians and Liberals in the 1770's. But what the New Deal did for the libertarian Movement, did was help to organize it along with LBJ Great Society in the 1960s. Plus the rise of the Christian-Right in the Republican Party in the late 1970s, as well as neoconservatism. Had the Christian-Right and neoconservatism, not risen in the Republican Party, you could make a pretty good case that the Libertarian Party doesn't come about in the early 1970s. And the Republican Party would be made up of Libertarians and Conservative Libertarians today. And the Republican Party might be an overwhelmingly majority party in the Federal Government today. With the White House and large majority's in both chambers of Congress as well.

Its the birth of safety net in America that didn't give libertarianism its birth in America but rose it up. And Americans started to say what's going on here, the Federal Government all the sudden has gotten real big. Their taxes no matter the income level, have gone way up from what they used to be. And Libertarians started to get the idea that now that America has this safety net. Where in it in the U.S. Constitution is the authority for the Federal Government to be doing all of these things. The libertarian movement should thank Franklin Rossevelt and Lyndon Johnson, as well as the Religious- Right, for the fact that they even have a movement today.

I'm not just talking about the Libertarian Party which unfortunately for Libertarians, represents a small part of the libertarian movement. Libertarians in America don't have a major party that they can call their own. The one's who are still in the Republican Party, are their mostly for political convenience so they have a say in a major political party. Rather than being Republicans because they believe they fit well in that party ideologically.

I don't say this as a Libertarian because I'm not. Perhaps contrary to popular belief. I'm a Liberal and a Democrat, not a Democratic Socialist, which are two different things. I support the goals of the New Deal and Great Society, I just would've designed it better and not put all this power with the Federal Government to deal with these issues. But created these programs, give them their own financing but then make them independent and semi-private and non-profit community services. But one the things that New Deal and Great Society accomplished ironically, was it gave voice to the libertarian movement in America and put them on the map.

The Libertarian Party was born partially in response to the New Deal and Great Society. To sort of fight back against progressivism in America and give people the freedom to handle these issues on their own. Instead of empowering the Federal Government to deal with all of these issues on their own for the most part. And they wanted the Federal Government to get back to what they believe is laid out for them in the U.S. Constitution. So in a way the New Deal and the Great Society has been good for the libertarian movement in America as well as the Religious-Right. Because it gave them something to fight back against and a reason for them to have their own political party as small as it still is forty years later.