Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The European Union: "The New Soviet Union?": What is the EU

Is the European Union "the new Soviet Union"? To answer that dumb question in one word, no and to expand its not "the new Soviet Union" but a collection of Socialist Democracy's of republics and a few monarchy's. As well as what I would call a few Conservative Democracy's like in perhaps Italy. Where religion has a bit more influence in lawmaking. The European Union is essentially the United Nations but of Europe, Western Europe mostly. Made up of anglo, nordic, and mediterranean caucasian countries. But its a hell of a lot better run then the UN and a hell of a lot more then a "Debating Society" like the UN. And very capable of taking strong stances and acting as we've seen in Libya. Where a lot of that operation as been Euro Led and not American Led. They have their own currency, Foreign Policy or at least a Coordinator for that, as well as a Law Enforcement Agency. An Executive, a Legislative, Judicial and is moving towards a United Defense Policy as well. And looks a hell of a lot not just like a country but a large Developed Country. The Soviet Union was physically the largest Communist Republic the World has ever seen and the second most populated Communist Republic the World has ever seen. So in Europe, you have Socialist Democracy's and in Russia then at least you had Communism. Two very different Political Ideology's, one centered on Freedom and Collectivism in Europe. And in Russia at least during the Soviet Union era, you had this very large Authoritarian Republic where freedom was very limited if any. Very little if any Economic or Social Freedom but where the State there was at least able to produce a certain amount of Public Services. Like in education and employment. But where they struggled very badly in other areas, like shortages of food to use as an example. Russia being then and now the most or second most Naturally Resourced Nation in the World and they couldn't produce enough food for its people.

The European Union really needs to consider this and I believe they are already are, which is unification of 25-30 States. They would be a very powerful country, with an economy approaching 20T$ and Living Standards that are very similar to the United States. They would be a republic of 400M people or so with also a lot of land, about half the size of Mainland America. United they would have tremendous Economic as well as Diplomatic and Defense Power. Because of its size and population as well as its money where they would have plenty of it. Issues that they would have to resolve would get to language, most of this union already speaks english at least as a second language. So they could have that as their National Language, with each State being able to operate in their Native Tongue. And also how much power would the Federal Government have, because their State would have all been former nations. But this would be a very powerful force for Democracy in the World that would challenge the United States.

The European Union is an organizations of democracy's, you have to be a democracy with an excellent Human Right Record to get in. Which is why Turkey, Ukraine and Russia have all been left out. The Soviet Union was the most powerful Communist Republic the World has ever seen. They have very little if anything in common.