Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Is Ron Paul The Only Grown Up Running For President": The most Honest Adult

Is Ron Paul the only adult running for President in the Republican Party, to answer the question no he's not. Gary Johnson who gets almost no Media Attention is an adult with clear views and not worried about offending people when he speaks. Buddy Roemer again someone who I would describe as perhaps the only Classical Conservative running for President in the Republican Party. But again gets almost no Media Attention outside of C-Span which again is my favorite News Network. I don't say that to put Brian Lamb down but GOV Roemer is another candidate who's never afraid to speak his mind. Newt Gingrich who's looked like a disaster running for President right now but thats not because of his lack of honesty. But because of the amount of people he's offended while running for President. And the rest of the Republican Field, you have Mitt Romney who's the constant politician the only constant aspect of his campaign right now. Who if he needs your vote, has the exact same Political Positions as you do. And of course Michelle Bachmann who's a pleasure on the eyes at risk of sounding sexist. But is a real life nightmare as a Political Candidate who would put our liberty at risk with all of the new Restrictions on Freedom she would like to make law. And then there's Rick Santorum who at times I can't tell who's farther to the right, him or Bachmann. And then there's Ron Paul who I happen to disagree more then I agree with him on the issues. But as a liberal we also have several things in common. But at least you always know where is on the issues, which is saying a lot from a Public Official because our politicians don't tend to be the most honest when it comes to our professions. He knows exactly what the issues the country faces and what he would do to solve them. Whether you agree with him or not but again as a voter you at least know where he stands and then can decide for yourself whether you should vote for him or not. Instead of Mitt Romney who you might be wondering when he speaks, is he saying what you want to here. Or does he believe in what he says.

Ron Paul's 2012 Presidential Campaign reminds me a little of John McCain's 2000 Presidential Campaign not on substance. Rep. Paul is a libertarian and Sen. McCain is a conservative but their style is very similar. This is where I stand on the issues and I'll leave it up to you the voters whether I deserve your vote or not. John McCain wasn't called a "maverick" for nothing he truly was a Maverick Republican at least at one point. Before he decided to run again for President again in 2007 but the campaign he ran in 2000 I believe looks similar to Ron Paul's campaign now. America has had enough Presidential Candidates sounding like Career Politicians and I'm here running for President to tell you exactly where I am on the issues. And if this sounds like something you support, I would appreciate your support and vote. To me Ron Paul represents a breath of fresh air as a Presidential Candidate.

Ron Paul no he's not the only adult running for President but he's the most honest adult and is someone who deserves to be listen to by voters. Because you know exactly where he stands as a candidate and is running for President in a country that like Low Taxes a lot of Individual Freedom. Which is another reason why he deserves more Media Attention.