Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Liberty Pen: John Stossel- Feeding The Monster

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I don't know of any American who's not a Socialist or an authoritarian and I'm not calling Socialists authoritarians, so socialists you can breathe easier now, who likes taxes. But I believe most Americans except for Libertarians and Anarchists, see taxes as an necessary evil to paying for the government that we need. But I believe most Americans again except for Socialists believe what government should be doing, especially the Federal Government, with state and local government's having limited roles. Libertarians and Conservatives as well as liberals also have limited role for government, especially the Federal Government.

And when you have limited government which is what America generally has, putting the last ten years aside where both Republicans and Democrats have made the Federal Government less limited, you can keep the tax rates down. And the people will have more freedom to live their own lives because they'll be able to keep more of their money. And of course with money comes freedom and the more money the more freedom people have. But even with these anti-tax waves that became real big in the late 1970s especially in California, California is still one of the highest tax states in the union, ironically.

The last thirty years or so except for a few years in the 1990s, there's been this "starve the beast" theory. The beast being of course the Federal Government in the eyes of supply side Republicans and others. That since you don't have the power to eliminate certain Federal agency's, that what you can do instead, is not give them enough money to do their jobs and cut taxes instead. During the eight years of the Neoconservative Bush Administration, where they brought their own version of big government as it related to national security, education and Medicare Advantage. They went with this theory of, "look, we have all these things that we want the Federal Government to do in Homeland Security, the Education Department, two wars, Medicare Advantage etc.  But if we make taxpayers pay for it, we are going to lose power and they lost all their power anyway."

In 2006 and 2008, back to back landslide elections losses for the Republican Party. But free-2006 the GOP Leadership decided  instead is to borrow all of the money and put it on the National Credit Card. Some 7T$ worth in the Bush Administration alone. And we are now suffering the last ten years of borrow and spend economics a policy that the Obama Administration has kept in place its first two years.

My whole point is that the whole notion of limited government is, what do you want government to do and figure out what it does well and better than the private sector. And have it do those things only and fund it well enough so it can do its job properly without hurting the economy.

And for me the whole notion of limited government to me means, that government is pretty limited in what it can do well. And should just concentrate on those areas. And for me that means protecting individuals constitutional rights to be free and that you have to have taxes low enough so they be free to live their own lives. And have laws that are designed to protect innocent people from the harm of others, not from themselves.

That means effective national security, law enforcement, and help people who aren't making it on their own. Help themselves become self-sufficient and thats really it. Everything else can be up for discussion.