Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Socialist: What do these Political Labels mean

To the non Political Junkies who aren't that interested in either Politics or Current Affairs. Who seem weird to Political Junkies like me, just as weird as we seem to non Political Junkies. These terms seen strange or unnecessary to them but perhaps terms like democrat and republican seem strange to them as well and perhaps unnecessary to them as well. But these terms are actually important especially when its time to vote. Because probably everyone if not very close to everyone who votes, has some idea where they are politically. And want to vote for the Political Candidates that best represent their politics. And thats where these terms are useful to give people an idea who understand these terms. Where these politicians are politically and who they should vote for. In the past are Political Spectrum where you find all of these labels on them. It was fairly easy to decide where people or at least the two main parties were politically. With the Democratic Party as they still do today, representing the official Liberal Party in America. The Left of Center Party in America, with liberals being in charged of that party. With the Republican Party as they still do to a certain extent but not as much today, with the rise of Religious Conservatism and Neoconservatism taking a much larger role in that party and in their Leadership. Representing the official Conservative Party in America, the official Right of Center Party in America.

But with the rise of Democratic Socialism and I'll explain that later, in the Democratic Party with socialists becoming more vocal and organized in the Democratic Party. You can no longer call the Democratic Party just a Liberal Party. Its always had more liberals then anyone else in the party, just look at its Leadership today and in the past. But up until 20-30 years ago, the Democratic Party was made up of liberals, Moderate Liberals, socialists and even conservatives. Neoconservatives consider former Democratic Member of Congress Henry Scoop Jackson as the Father of their Movement. And with the rise of both Christian Conservatism and Neoconservatism in the Republican Party. The Republican Party that was once dominated by Classical Conservatives, the Barry Goldwater's, Everett Dirkson's, Ron Reagan's, Bill Buckley's of the World. Is no longer a Classical Conservative Party, they now have three competing Political Factions in it. Classical Conservatives, Neoconservatives and Christian Theocrats.

Because libertarians and Democratic Socialists have never had a major Political Party of their own, which I believe they should have. Especially in a country of 310M people, they've had to merge with the Democratic and Republican Parties in order to have a major voice in a major Political Party. Which can make it difficult for voters who again aren't Political Junkies but are interested in Current Affairs enough to bother to vote. And when they look at these Political Candidates, they have to try to figure out are these candidates, liberal, conservative, libertarian, socialist or centrist. And if they are centrist are they left of center or right of center.

If I were to help voters decide this for themselves, I would say liberals and conservatives both base their politics on the US Constitution and Individual Freedom. With liberals believing that government can play a role in helping people help themselves and with conservatives taking more of a Free Market approach. Same thing with libertarians but they want government out of the economy all together. And with socialists wanting government especially the Federal Government playing a big role in providing services for the country through a Welfare State financed through High Taxes. And then base your vote on where you are politically and who would best represent you in the office they are seeking.