Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

US Chronicle: Peter Schiff- Talks At Libertarian Party Event: The Future of Libertarianism

Source: US Chronicle-
Source: US Chronicle: Peter Schiff- Talks At Libertarian Party Even

Despite all the progress that libertarian movement has made in American politics the last 3-4 years, that Ron Paul has played a big role in making with the Libertarian Party actually being a small part of this libertarian movement, which tells you the sad shape of the Libertarian Party right now, the Libertarian Party is still a third-party in American politics. Perhaps the largest third party but still a distant third from the Democratic and Republican parties. Because of this I believe Libertarian Peter Schiff and I'm talking about his politics, I don't know his party affiliation, has suggested that what the libertarian movement should do is instead of trying to build the Libertarian Party, take over the GOP.

That Libertarians should instead try to take over the Republican Party. And they had some success in 2010 by electing Rand Paul and Ron Johnson to the Senate. And Mike Lee is either a Libertarian or a Conservative-Libertarian, but those political factions are similar. Something that the Ron Paul movement has been trying to do. But does anyone who looks at this objectively, actually believe Ron Paul will win the Republican nomination in 2012. Of course not, the Christian-Right which Representative Paul would need to win the Republican nomination, would never back a Libertarian candidate.

And why would the Christian-Right back Ron Paul, Paul is a Libertarian and the Christian Right are theocratical authoritarians. Small government vs big government. And the Christian-Right still has a big say in who the Republican Party nominates for President. And Republican presidential candidates can't get elected President without them. Just ask George H.W. Bush and John McCain. But the Libertarian Party is still fairly small maybe a million members, clearly not enough to challenge Democrats and Republicans anywhere outside of those parties. So what can the LP do and more importantly what should the libertarian movement do in America to have a bigger voice and elect more of its members?

What the LP and the broader libertarian movement has going for them, is a lot of its members used to be Democrats and Republicans. Democrats who were fed up with big government socialism in the party and Republicans who were fed up with big government authoritarianism from the Christian- Right and Neoconservatives. Thats the first thing the LP can build off of, because I don't see how Libertarians take over the Republican Party thats dominated now by the Tea Party thats gotten in bed with the Christian-Right or at least some of its members.

I believe neoconservatism has lost a lot of ground in the Republican Party, all you have to do is look at the debt deal vote in Congress. Where that deal includes 1T$ of defense cuts over ten years and 170-242 Republicans voted for it in the House. And 28-47 Republicans voted for it in the Senate. But the Christian Tea Party which might be safe to call them now, currently runs the Republican Party. Leaving a lot less room for Libertarians in the party, even Conservatives-Libertarians as well. But what the Libertarian Party I believe could do is recruit Classical Liberal Democrats who are fed up with the big government socialism in their party. And recruit Conservative Republicans who are fed up with big government theocratical Republicans in the Republican Party. Making the LP a hell of a lot bigger than it is today in the future.

The libertarian movement has a big future in American politics if they want it but they have to decide in what direction they want to go and with what party. To give them as big as a political force as possible. But more importantly give themselves enough members so they recruit enough candidates to get elected into high office. And actually be able to make policy in government.