Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ron Paul Interview With CNN's Wolf Blitzer 08\18\ 2011: A different approach

I don't agree with Rep. Ron Paul on everything, I actually disagree with him more often then I agree with him. But I believe he's dead right on our Foreign Bases oversees, Decriminalization of Marijuana and the Patriot Act, Gay Marriage Decriminalization of Prostitution and perhaps a few others. But he's dead right on our Defense Budget, a big cause for our debt and deficit is our Defense Spending oversees and not just in Afghanistan and Iraq. But defending Developed Nations oversees and not just in Europe but in Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea. We've borrowed 3T$ to fight the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and borrowing billions of dollars in our involvement in the No Fly Zone in Libya as well. And one reason why I'm against America getting involved in Syria as well. Because that would represent more billions of dollars on our National Debt Card as well. But one of the things I'm in favor of in the Debt Deal between Congress and the White House is the Defense Cuts, perhaps as much as a Trillion Dollars over ten years. And we could cut 200B$ a year from the Defense Budget as well by closing our Foreign Bases in Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea as well. And demand that these Developed Nations take a bigger role in their own National Security. Because they have the Financial Resources to do so and then we can bring those resources home and get our debt and deficit under control as well as rebuilding our own economy. If we did this we could have a Defense Budget of around 500B$ a year and 3% of GDP and still have plenty of resources to defend our country and continent well, where we don't currently have any foreign threats to us as far as a country capable of invading us and taking over America.

As far as Media Attention goes, I believe Ron Paul is doing pretty well there considering most Political Analysts republican and otherwise. Don't give him much of a chance at winning the Republican Nomination for President. After all Rep. Paul is running for President in a party thats still controlled by the Religious Right and Neoconservatives. And with elements of the Tea Party merging with the Christian Right, that just presents another obstacle for Ron Paul. Who's a libertarian running for President dominated by these Far Right factions. The idea of Rep. Paul running for President as either a Libertarian Independent or with the Libertarian Party. Is a viable option for him as I see it, because of his ability to raise money, command Media Attention and reach young libertarians. A Ron Paul Gary Johnson Ticket under these circumstances I believe would make a lot of sense. And be a big boost to the Libertarian Party if they went that route or the broader Libertarian Movement in general. But they wouldn't win the White House but would be a big boost to be able to recruit credible Libertarian Candidates in the future for President. But also for Congress, Governor and other State Offices in the future as well.

Unlike with Barack Obama who've I generally supported but have several issues with. Like on his latest position on the War Powers Act, the Patriot Act, the War on Drugs. And just some aspects of him as a politician who I believe is weak at times and not bold enough. The Debt Debate and the economy being perfect examples of this. At least with a President Ron Paul, its very likely he would take on the Defense Establishment and get our Defense Budget under a more manageable level. Unlike with President Obama who looks for the safest course possible to offend the least.