Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, August 5, 2011

Thomas Sowell: Class Warfare Fallacies: Has Class Warfare lost its influence

I not a fan of the whole notion of "Class Warfare" whether it comes from the left or right. Attacking wealthy people because they make a lot of money coming from the right, cutting taxes in a way that overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy. Or cutting their taxes to the point with Tax Cuts and Tax Loopholes that they are essentially paying such a low Tax Rate, that they are paying less then the Middle Class. What we should do as a country is have an Economic System, that benefits everyone by what they contribute to it. Where everyone has the opportunity to get the best education and get the best skills possible and then be able to benefit from their skills as much as possible. By what they contribute to the economy. Where we have a Tax System thats based on how much people can afford to pay, with the wealthy paying more in taxes then anyone else. And go down from there but where we don't have Tax Rates so high, that there isn't enough incentive for people to work hard and produce. Because of how much government would end up taking away in taxes. What we shouldn't be doing as a society which is what the Far Left does, all the time is essentially bashing people for making a lot of money. Especially when they earned by being very productive. Or having Tax Rates up so high and giving a lot of that money to people who don't have the skills to go make a good living on their own. What we should do especially for our Low Skilled people and workers, is empowering them to get the skills that they need to go out and earn a good living on their own. By empowering them to go back to school as well as furthering their education with things like Vocational Schools. So they can get themselves the skills that they need so they can be productive enough to go out an make a good living on their own. Which would be good for our economy, because their would be more High Skilled workers in the economy and their would be less people in need of Public Assistance and more people paying into it. We don't need to Redistribute Wealth in the Economy to take care of the Less Fortunate. But what we need to do instead is create more wealth so the Less Fortunate can take care of themselves.

But "Class Warfare" does nothing more then make a divided nation even more divided and what we should do instead is celebrate our productive workers who put in the work they needed. To go out and earn a good living and empower the Less Fortunate to go out and do the same thing for themselves and create more wealth not take from what's already there.