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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, September 22, 2011

10th Amendment: FNC Republican Presidential Debate: Why its so important

The main reason why its important to have Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and John Huntsman in these Republican Presidential debates. Is because of the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution and what that means. And with these three candidates, you have three people who actually knows what it means to be a Constitutional Conservative or Libertarian. And what Limited Government and Individual Freedom is actually about and what it means. And that it has more to do then just Economic, Religious and Political Freedom and Gun Rights. That Individual Freedom is really about letting people live their lives as they see fit like Free People. Just as long as they are not hurting anyone with their freedom, without being harassed by government. And that the 10th Amendment is about Limited Government, limiting what the Federal Government can do. And to a certain extent limiting what State and Local Governments can do as well. So they don't become too powerful and that Individual Freedom is always protected.

When Rep. Ron Paul says as he said tonight when essentially asked what the 10th Amendment means to him. And he answered that he would veto any bill that Congress sends to him that violates the 10th Amendment as President. He means it because he believes a lot or most of what the Federal Government currently does, is in violation of the 10th Amendment. The Social Insurance programs just being an example, agriculture, education, transportation Homeland Security. Homeland Security I believe is a little tough to explain. The Federal Government clearly has a role in protecting the country, the others you could probably make a case for. And a benefit of having Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and John Huntsman in these debates and Newt Gingrich to a certain extent. Is that this question gets asked. Because they are interested in this subject and understand it.

I'm not making the case that a lot of what the Federal Government does today is Unconstitutional, thats not why oppose a lot of their programs. My issues with the Federal Government is not about its goals either but more with the missions of a lot of these programs. Or their lack of them, like Department of Education for example what's the point of it. It wasn't set up to run Public Education for America nor does it. So why is it there, what is its purpose, I bet you would have a hard time gettting a clear concise answer from anyone who works there on its mission and that right there is its main problem. And I believe a lot of these programs were set up before figuring out exactly what's the best way to handle the issue that its suppose to. Public Housing being a perfect example of that.

Going forward and the 10th Amendment could be a great help here, instead of this talk about cutting or eliminating programs. We should study the Federal Government across the board with a review. See what's working and what isn't, what needs to be improved or eliminated. And then figure out exactly what we want the Federal Government to do and how.