Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Are Public Schools Harming your Kids?": Some are and what to do

Unless your on the Far Right or your some type of what I would call an Extreme Libertarian, where you don't want government doing anything outside. Of Law Enforcement and National Security and perhaps not even those things as well. And your prone to considering or believing Conspiracy Theory's, especially as they relate to communism and socialism. For example you may believe that Public Schools are evil or something and that they teach the benefits of socialism and communism. Unless your someone like this and if you are someone like this, your part of a pretty small minority. But unless your someone like this, you don't believe all Public Schools or perhaps even any. Are designed to teach about the positive aspects of socialism and communism. And you have more of a balance view of our Public Education System. That we have some good Public Schools K-12 but a lot more good colleges but we don't have enough good schools. Being 39th in the World in Education should be a pretty good clue there. And we need to improve our Public Education System, just because of the fact because what ever we do Education Reform. Are Public Schools will always be there for good or bad.

The overwhelming majority of students will still be getting their education from Public Schools. As much as libertarians may want to eliminate the Public Education System all together, which is run by State and Local Governments. Mainly Local Governments, they are mainly responsible for operating the Public Schools more then anyone else. The States and FEDS role is mainly about some extra funding, regulations to a certain extent. And research which may be the only thing that the US Department of Education does well. Things that they aren't good at and I'll be brief but there's more, Unfunded Mandates and passing on down mountains of Red Tape and regulations.

Libertarians will never be able to eliminate the Public Education System from the Federal Level. For one not possible that would probably be Unconstitutional or at least challenged in court. Two that would also violate Libertarian Principles of States Rights, Local Control, as well Constitutional Rights. But also because libertarians aren't in charge of any government at least not any major government in the country. So my point being if its Education Reform your interested in, then Public Education Reform needs to be part of that picture. Since the overwhelming majority of students go to Public Schools today, into the near future and the future going forward.

So what we need to thinking about in Education Reform, is how we reform our Public Schools. And that gets to choice, competition, accountability good and bad. Rewarding good educators and retraining or firing Low Performing educators. And setting up a system where Public Schools and Low Income communities that have the resources to do a good job. Just like schools in High and Middle Income Communities.