Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Economic Vs. Civil Liberties": One isn't worth much without the other

I like what this guy said early on in this video in how conservatives and liberals are stereotyped. That conservatives are stereotyped as people who love Economic Freedom and have a pretty good idea in what that means. But don't care that much about Social Freedom and that its not worth much. And that liberals love Social Freedom but don't care that much for Economic Freedom and don't really understand how the economy works. He's dead on about that, those are stereotypes and all you have to do to know that. Is understand what conservatism and liberalism are actually about and means. And I'm talking about in the classic sense, not how they are both stereotyped today. Conservatives tend to get stereotyped as Religious Conservatives or Neoconservatives and liberals tend to get stereotyped as Democratic Socialists or Socialist Libertarians. And some of these people are but they aren't conservative or liberal but Neoconservatives and socialists. And these are all different Political Ideology's not one in the same, with their own politics and policy's and ways to make the country as good as it can be.

The way that some people who are called conservatives today and they are described, those people are actually not conservative. At least not in a political sense. They are what's called Religious Conservatives or how I would describe them as theocrats. People who look at policy issues from a religious point of view and believe that all people should live their lives the same way. Under what they see as a "Moral Code" and the other people they would describe as conservative. Are actually Neoconservatives and this is starting to sound very Political Junky but I'll put it simply. Neoconservatives basically believe that security is more important then freedom and that without security there's no freedom. And that security is even more important then Individual Freedom and Constitutional Rights. I as a liberal would actually argue the opposite but thats a different discussion.

Some people that get described as liberal today are actually Democratic Socialists or Socialist Libertarians , again I know it sounds pretty junky. But these people essentially believe in a lot of Social Freedom as all Socialist Libertarians do. But that Economic Freedom should be pretty restricted and they use a lot of taxes and regulations to do this. To prevent people from making too much more money then others and also to finance a large Welfare State. That instead of allowing people to advance in life on their own and being as productive as they possibly can. That we should achieve success together through these Social Insurance programs and that when some people make a lot of money. A lot of that money gets taken away from them in High Taxes to take care of the people who don't have enough.

So if you actually know what conservatism and liberalism actually is, you know that they are both centered around Individual Freedom and Constitutional Rights. As well as Limited Government and that the major function of government is to protect these liberties. And as this guy said, that Economic Freedom and Civil Liberties aren't different but one on the same. That without one the other is not worth much of anything.