Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Sunday, September 11, 2011

George W Bush's Iraq War Part 1: How we got in and why we should leave

The original mission in the War in Iraq of 2003, was to go in and take out Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction and destroy them. Figuring that we would have to take down the Hussein Regime and its Security Forces, or as it turned out. What was left of them which brings me to another point. Our military and intelligence apparently wasn't aware that even though they believed that Iraq had a Military of 500,000 personal. Easily one the the largest military's in the World, they didn't have much of a military left and didn't have any WMD as well. We didn't know that they didn't have the WMD at the start of the war of course, Iraq is a big country about the size of Nigeria physically. But we did know early on that Iraq didn't have much of a military left. And I think this should've been a pretty good clue. That if a country can't even manage a military, how are they going to be able to develop Nuclear Weapons. Iraq no longer had WMD let alone the ability to develop Nuclear Weapons.

Iraq is clearly not North Korea with its military, even though they are substantially wealthier economically. North Korea clearly has WMD and Nuclear Weapons and the ability to deliver them. So does Saudi Arabia and Egypt as well as Turkey with WMD but these are all allies so we are not worried about them. I supported the War in Iraq originally because we were in a War on Terror and our intelligence as well as European Intelligence. Suggested that it was clear that the Hussein Regime had WMD and was trying to obtain Nuclear Weapons as well. And that we couldn't afford to let a brutal evil Authoritarian Dictator of a large country. Have these weapons and them spread them around to other dictators or even Terrorist Groups. But apparently we found out later that Saddam Hussein didn't have any Terrorist Groups that he liked or trusted and didn't have relations with them. Which is more evidence suggesting that we shouldn't be there in the first place.

President Bush famously or infamously depending on your perspective, declared Mission Accomplish in Iraq in May or June 2011. And looking back at it even though it might seem comical eight years later. But in a sense if you look at the original mission, President Bush was correct. Because again the original mission was to take out the Hussein Regime and locate and destroy the WMD. And whatever Iraq was working on as far as developing Nuclear Weapons. Saddam Hussein may of had dreams of have Nuclear Weapons and being the Superpower of the Middle East. But his WMD were taken out by the late 1990s, four or five years before the Iraq War. And taking down the Hussein Regime happened within a few weeks of the Iraq War. Because Iraq no longer had a military capable of defending this big country. We've done our part now its time for America to pull out and bring in other partners. To help Iraq develop its Federal Government and Security Forces so they can govern and defend this large country.

The United States has borrowed about 2T$ to finance our involvement and we now have a National Debt and Deficit and a weak economy to show for it. Its time that we do some Nation Building in our own country and keep these resources at home before we try to build other peoples countries.