Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Joel Klein: "Who should be forced to go to an Under Performing School": Status Quo is Unacceptable

Joel Klein makes and excellent point here and it gets at the heart of Education Reform in America. "Who's child should be forced to go to and Under Performing school?" If people who can afford not to by living in a community with good Public Schools or can afford to send their kids to a Private School. Doesn't have to send their kids to bad schools, then why should kids of Low Income parents and who live in Low Income communities. Be forced to go to bad schools, which is exactly the case today in our big cities. Like Washington, Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles and other big cities, as well as other cities. Why because their parents don't make enough money to live in a better community where they would be able to go to a good school. Or send them to Private Schools, should we doom these kids and sentence them to a life of poverty. Which is what we might of already done with their parents and force them to go to bad schools. Just because they are children of Low Income parents, its not their fault their parents make little money. Kids don't pick their parents they are born to them.

Joel Klein also makes a good point that its not a question of whether we can educate our kids well or not. We are the richest country in the World, the question is will we. Will we put the reforms in place as a country to do this and take on the Special Interest groups to make this happen or not. Or will our kids continue to be stuck going to bad schools just because of where they live and nothing else. And why should a kids residence be a block in front of them in where they go to school. They have no say in where they live, thats up to their parents. And thats what we do mostly as a country with our Public Education System, make kids go to school based on where they live. Not what's the best school for them. So if you live in a wealthy or Middle Class community, chances are you get to go to a good school. Or your parents can afford to send you to a good Private School.

President George W Bush who I agree with about as often as there 100 degree days in the North Pole, once said that education will be the Civil Rights issues of the 21st Century. And he was right because now that all americans are equal under law and can't discriminated against based on race, ethnicity etc. And those things are important but without an access to a proper education, its very difficult for people to advance in life. Because they won't have the skills that they need to get a good job that will support themselves and their families. And most likely will be dependent on some form of Public Assistance. President Bush also said that we should eliminate the "Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations". Meaning just because kids are from Low Income families going to bad schools. That we shouldn't automatically assume that they won't be able to learn and be successful in life. And he's dead right on both of those points.

What we've been doing with our Public Education System is exactly what we shouldn't be doing. And now we are 39th in the World in education as a result. And what we should be doing instead, is have a Public Education based on choice and accountability and funding our schools. That are in Low Income communities in a more adequate fashion and reform our Property Taxes.