Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Matt Welch Talks About Subsidized Homeowner Insurance: How to protect Homeowners

One of the reasons why the Federal Government doesn't work very well, for one it does too much, has much too much responsibility and has to manage too much money. But another reason why it doesn't work very well, is because of how it strategizes. Its very reactionary, it reacts to problems as they come up, instead of preparing for problems they should be able to see coming. Natural Disasters are an excellent of this, if we as a country, not just the Federal Government but the American People. Put money down ahead of time to pay for these problems as they come up. And I'm thinking of things like Disaster Insurance that people could collect from when their property is damaged. By buying Disaster Insurance, which would be their choice in where they buy it. And we reformed our Emergency Management System by making it Self Financed, instead of the Administration coming to Congress to borrow the money that they need. To pay for the cleanup after the disasters and bailing out out people who live in High Risk areas. We would never have to borrow the money to pay for the disasters in the first place. Because they would already be paid for up front, based on how much their property is worth and how at risk they are.

I am not talking about creating a Single Payer Socialist Insurance System but a system where individuals would decide for themselves who they would pay for their Disaster Insurance. With yes a Public Option but not a Public Mandate, that wouldn't be run by the Federal Government. But each State would have their own Public Option that would be independent of their State Government. That people could choose or not to choose, Freedom to Choose is also Freedom not to Choose. Buy Disaster Insurance plus pay for our cleanup by getting rid of FEMA and replacing it with a Cooperative between Federal, State and Local Governments as well as the Private Sector. That the FEDS would only regulate but where each of these governments would be in charged of their own cleanups. With the funds to pay for them through a Federal Property Tax that would be based on Property Worth and Risk.

And then instead of bailing out people who spent too much money on their homes and now have see the value of their home be lower then what they paid for it. By of course borrowing the money from China and Russia to do it, which is what the Obama Administration did in 2009. What we should do instead is set up a National System of Homeownership Insurance that again the Federal Government wouldn't run. That would be another cooperative between Federal, State and Local Governments as well as the Private Sector. Again another Public Option for each State. That again people would pay into based on the value and risk of their property. That they could collect from when their the value of their property plummets. Or is less then what they paid for the property.

We have a country of 310M people and a economy now approaching 15T$ the largest in the World despite all of our problems. That the Federal Government as far as I'm concern spends and borrows, as well as wastes too much of it at the costs of Tax Payers. I'm not Anti Government but I want it to be more efficient and smarter with how it spends our money. And they can do this by paying for the things that they should be doing not by borrowing the money.