Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, September 30, 2011

Prohibition Vogue: "Why We're Still Talking About "The Noble Experiment": Why Prohibition Fails

When I'm thinking about why we should have laws to prohibit people from doing harm on others. I think about having laws that make it illegal for people to hurt innocent people. So when we are talking about prohibiting certain actions, which is what prohibition is. We should be talking about prohibiting people from hurting innocent people. Its that simple, prohibiting things like murder rape, battery, terrorism, robbery, bribery, stealing etc. All things that hurt innocent people and the country as a whole as well as the economy. Essentially making it illegal for people to hurt innocent people. And let people live their own lives as long as they are not hurting innocent people with what they are doing. When you try to regulate how people live their own lives. They are going to do it anyway if they want to do it bad enough and you end up making criminals out of them. Even though they haven't hurt anyone with what they are doing and they get arrested. To stop them from doing what they are doing and to protect them. Even though as a result your actually hurting them, because they are not criminals in any other sense. And now your forcing them to live with people in prison, who actually belong in prison. Because they have hurt other people on the street. And will probably hurt more innocent people in prison. So what you end up doing in the name of protection and protecting people from themselves. Is filling up our Legal and Prison Systems with people who don't need to be in there. Taking away resources that should be used against actual criminals and forcing non criminals to live with actual criminals.

Another bad thing about prohibition whether its alcohol or marijuana. Especially for people who believe in government and Social Insurance programs. Is that prohibition costs governments billions of dollars every year because of all the Tax Revenue they lose as a result. Because these activities that are technically criminal, still go on but they are not taxed. And people become criminals as a result and some people who deserve to be criminals as well. Like Drug Dealers and mobsters and Organize Crime making money Tax Free of the people who are addicted to their products. Because there's no one their to regulate them because these activities are conducted over the Black Market. So people who you want to protect are not only criminals but victims of your prohibition. And you end up sending Drug Addicts to prison as a result. Where they get no help for their addiction.

Alcohol and marijuana are perfect examples of why prohibition doesn't work when it come to trying to protect people from themselves. Because these activities continue to be done but in a less safe environment as they would otherwise. If they were Decriminalized, meaning Taxation and Regulation instead. And this is an approach that now has Bi Partisan support across the country and we'll see which is State is the first to practice it.