Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ron Paul 2008: Freedom Watch With Andrew Napolitano- Ron Paul & Ralph Nader- A Libertarian-Socialist Alliance?

Source: Ron Paul-
Source: Ron Paul 2008: Freedom Watch With Andrew Napolitano- Ron Paul & Ralph Nader: A Libertarian-Socialist Alliance?

To think that a Classical Libertarian like Representative Ron Paul and a Social Democrat/Democratic Socialist  like consumer advocate Ralph Nader can come together on anything, look at this video. And the reason why the can come to together is because they share things in common on social issues, obviously. Generally speaking they are both liberal to libertarian there, but also foreign policy, where they both tend to be isolationists. And believing that our foreign policy should be based on our national security. Socialists also tend to believe our foreign policy should be based on human rights as well. Not just with military involvement, but they have some thing in common on foreign policy as well. But Libertarians and Socialists also have some things in common on economic policy as well, not much but some things. Ron Paul and Ralph Nader are both against the supply side borrow and spend fiscal policy that the Bush Administration put in place. That the Obama Administration has kept into place to a certain extent.

Paul and Nader, both believe our debt and deficit are a threat to our economic policy, they disagree on how we should pay it down. And when Ron Paul believes in trimming the military and entitlements, Ralph Nader believing in tax hikes on the wealthy and perhaps the middle class as well. As well as cutting back perhaps gutting even our defense budget. And they both believe the Federal Reserve should be audited and perhaps eliminated. But Libertarians and Socialists tend to have a lot in common actually, that both ideology's are based on some degree of liberty. Libertarians just believe that government should have a much smaller role in our society. And that Socialists believe that government should play a big role in our society, with providing a lot of human services through large social insurance programs through a Welfare State. Like in health care, health insurance, pension, education, transportation, etc.

Ralph Nader does represent the social democratic win of the Left after all and I'm talking about Democratic Socialists, not Marxists or Communists. Which are different, Communists believing in the state owning the means of production in society. Ron Paul and Ralph Nader are both anti-Patriot Act, so am I to a certain extent. Anti-Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, I'm for pulling out of both places, anti what they would call corporate governance. Where government jobs and contracts are rewarded based on connections with government officials and where certain people. And company's aren't prosecuted because of their connections with government officials. It's good to see a Libertarian and a Socialist come together because they aren't complete opposites. Even though when it comes to the role of government they have clear differences and probably couldn't work together. But it shows that country doesn't have to be as divided as we are politically. When we just look for areas that we have things in common, even if we look very different from the outside.