Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, September 26, 2011

Reason TV: Rep. Jeff Flake on Limited Government; What Classical Conservatism looks like

Rep. Jeff Flake Republican from Arizona the Goldwater State politically at least as I see it who's in his sixth term in House. To me represents what Classical Conservatism looks like and what the Republican Party used to be. And is much better then the Tea Party could only to be, because he actually does believe in Limited Government and Individual Freedom. And isn't part of the Religious Right in the Republican Party and doesn't care about Social Issues. Or doesn't speak to them, Gay Marriage is not something that drives him as well as these other Social Issues. That drive the Religious Right in America but comes from the Barry Goldwater/Ronald Reagan faction of the party. And is a Classical Conservative and represents what Classical Conservatism is, that is truly about Limited Government and Individual Freedom. And not using the government especially the Federal Government to tell Free People how to live their lives. That conservatism should be about conserving Individual Freedom. Not subtracting Individual Freedom which is what authoritarians want and tell people how to live their lives. Which is what the Religious Right is about and I believe would to see America look more like a Christian Theocracy then a Federal Republic.

When he says he believes in Fiscal Responsibility, you better believe him. He's voted against every earmark that comes to the House. He's voted against the trillions of dollars that we've spent on the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He doesn't have this view that all of our fiscal issues. Started in the Obama Administration but started with the Bush Administration. But that they've gotten worse under President Obama. And has been working in Congress to try to fix some of these problems and he's not negative but critical. These are the issues that we face and how they started but this is what we should do to resolve them. And if he can get Bi Partisan support if he can to solve some of these issues. Rep. Flake represents what the Republican Party used to be that Barry Goldwater worked so hard to advance. That had actually been around since the early 1900's but lost power in the 1960s. And that Sen. Goldwater worked so hard along with other Classical Conservatives back into power so they could stay in power. Which is what happened with the Reagan Revolution in 1980.

Hopefully for American Politics and the Republican Party, Jeff Flake represents the future and not the past on the Republican Party. And that they get back to Classical Conservatism, Limited Government and Individual Freedom. And that Neoconservatism and Religious Conservatism fades out of the Republican Party. And then America will once again have two Political Parties that will be strong now and going into the future. Representing true choice for American Voters.