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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ron Paul 2008: The One Who Stood With Reagan

Source: Ron Paul- Ron Reagan & Ron Paul-
Source: Ron Paul 2008: The One Who Stood With Reagan

I'm not sure a Libertarian running for President should be trying to make himself look like a President, who expanded the War on Drugs and War on Crime. Even though we saw an explosion in heroin and cocaine in the 1980s, as well as a President who expanded what Libertarians and Socialists like the call, "The Military Industrial Complex". As well as "The Prison Industrial Complex." And you could probably add the narcotics industrial complex. With all of the people in the 1980s going to jail in prison for drug use and possession. This TV ad is clearly about reaching out to Conservative Republicans, the ones that remain in the party. In a party that's now dominated by Neoconservatives and Tea Party Nationalists, the Christian-Right, who obviously don't like Representative Paul. Because he's a Libertarian and not a Neoconservative, theocrat, Ron Paul is obviously not theocratic. And Tea Party members that don't like Paul's libertarian views on social issues. And Representative Paul clearly has to break through with one of those groups of Republican voters, who are all leaning towards Rick Perry.

For Ron Paul to have any shot in hell of winning the Republican nomination for President, which I don't believe he has much of one and his best bet is to target parts of the Tea Party that haven't gotten in bed yet with the Religious Right, to have any shot at winning the Republican nomination and this Ronald Reagan ad is an attempt to do that, he needs parts of the Tea Party. The conservative-libertarian wing if it. But the problem that will come with it, is that it could cost him some libertarian votes. Votes again that Ron Paul has to have to win the nomination and Libertarians aren't fans of President Reagan. Because of President Reagan's increase defense spending, debt and deficit spending, and War on Drugs. This is the main problem that Ron Paul has running for President in today's Republican Party and why he won't win the nomination. He has to keep the Libertarians and pick away at least one more faction of the Republican Party without losing Libertarians. I believe his best bet is the few Classical Conservatives that remain in the Republican Party, but they alone won't get him the nomination.

Besides attacking Governor Rick Perry right now who is very popular in the Republican Party is not a smart play. The more people including Republicans find out about him as this election cycle moves on, the more they won't like him or see him as unelectable. The fact that Rick Perry used to be a Democrat who endorsed Liberal Democratic Senator Al Gore for President back in 1988, will be a big enough problem for him. Or that he suggested that Texas should succeed from the Union or called Social Security unconstitutional, a program thats very popular in the Republican Party. The mountain of debt and deficits that Governor Perry has piled up in Texas, 2nd only to California and this a man who is running as a fiscal conservative. Republicans will understand these issues very well in the next few months and they'll come out. It's a little early for Representative Paul to be attacking Governor Perry, especially by comparing himself with Ron Reagan. Ron Paul will never be elected President of the United States I'l just flatly say that right now and I'm taking a leap or anything. Those are the facts and I think he knows that as well. He's a man without a major political party that can get him nominated and then elected President of the United States. I believe his whole presidential campaign is about advancing the Libertarian Movement which he's succeeding at.