Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reason Magazine: Matt Welch Interviewing Wayne Allyn Root- 'How He Will Become President'

Source: Reason Magazine-
Source: Reason Magazine: Matt Welch Interviewing Wayne Ally Root- 'How He Will Become President'

Wayne Allyn Root I believe actually has some positive ideas in how to advance the broader Libertarian movement. And if that helps the Libertarian Party, which frankly needs a lot of help and as of right now the LP is probably at least ten years away from becoming anything bigger than a third party, even the biggest third party if they are that. But in this context the broadening of the broader libertarian movement is what I believe Mr Root is about and he has some ideas in how to accomplish this.

WR Root is right the country's biggest concern and issue right now, is the economy. And how weak it is and how weak are recovery has been from the Great Recession, which happened three years ago. And we are still no way near from fully recovering from it. Libertarians tend to speak about issues like legalizing narcotics, ending the War on Drugs, legalizing gambling, repealing the Patriot Act, eliminating most of the Federal Government, phasing out entitlement programs if not eliminating them all together.

There's support for a lot of these libertarian Issues, including outside of the libertarian movement. But thats not what the country is concern about right now and for people to get elected they have to speak to the issues that their voters are concern about. And be able to communicate a message that tells them, "I like this person I'm going to support them." And for them to get reelected and reelected after that, they have to do the same thing. I'm not talking about policy positions here, but being able to communicate in a positive way about the issues voters are concern about. And this is what Wayne Root is talking about, whether he has a blizzard's chance in hell of becoming President of the United States or not.

For the libertarian movement and their party to advance in American politics and one day be a major force in American politics, they have to be able to speak to the issues that Americans are concern about. And save their pet issues so to speak, like narcotics legalization to use as an example, for if and when they ever get to power as well as bring some positive change to the issues they ran on. And for them to become a major force in American politics, they either have to advance the Libertarian Party to the point to where its major party and not third party like ultimate ballot access and fundraising to use as examples. Instead of being a small piece of the two major parties.

I believe the Libertarian Party is the official third party in American politics and a lot of that has to do with their message of limited government and maximize freedom. Because Americans generally don't like to be told how to live their lives. But they've failed for forty years to be able to do that and thats still their biggest challenge.