Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, October 7, 2011

"Assassinating the US Constitution": Why Americans should love the US Constitution

Pardon the expression but any Freedom Loving american should love the US Constitution. Because thats exactly what its about, to protect the freedom of americans. Who don't hurt innocent people and just go about living their own lives. Raising their families contributing to society in a positive way etc. Thats if your a liberal, conservative, libertarian, independent even with liberal tendency's on Social Issues lets say. If you believe the Federal Government is not powerful enough, doesn't have enough authority. Over the economy and National Security, that it provides too much Individual Liberty. At the expense of the rest of the country or the government or our security. Then your probably a socialist or Neoconservative or a theocrat. The US Constitution is about Individual Liberty and preserving that and thats all. Everything in it is designed to protect our Individual Liberty. I mean it was written liberals and libertarians people who didn't like the United Kingdom and its Authoritarian Rule. And wanted the people to have the liberty to live their own lives and not be harassed by government. And not be overtaxed, another reason why the American Rebels wanted t separate from the United Kingdom and form the United States.

I believe the second best part of our US Constitution. After all the Individual Liberty and Constitutional Rights it guarantees. Is how hard it is to amend it and take liberty away from the people. 2/3 vote in both Chambers of Congress and then 2/3 vote in thirty four States and in their Legislatures. Where in Europe to use as an example they can amend their Constitution through and this a technical term. By Statue meaning by law, Parliament passes a bill to Amend the Constitution. And then I believe the Executive has to approve it and then passed passed again by Parliament. America is just not a comfortable Political Environment for Neoconservatives, theocrats or socialists. Because a lot of what they want to do, would be thrown out by the Supreme Court. Because it would be viewed as Unconstitutional, thats what you get when you have liberals and libertarians write a Constitution. So a lot of what these Political Factions that are sorta out but looking in at American Power. Want to do, Is currently Unconstitutional and for them to pass their agenda , they have to Amend the Constitution with several amendments.

Justice Antonin Scalia who's not my favorite Justice on the Supreme Court, he's a conservative and I'm a liberal. But we do have some things in common and I have a lot of respect for Justice Scalia. Justice Stephen Breyer a liberal is may favorite Supreme Court Justice. But when Justice Scalia says that the Constitution has been under attack. He's right in this sense, the last ten years the Federal Government has passed the Patriot Act. Warrantless Wiretapping, Indefinite Detention of Terrorists Suspects with not trials. Torture, the Constitution has been under attack by Neoconservatives like in the Bush Administration as well as in Congress. But theocrats and socialists haven't been innocent here either. They just haven't had the power to get their policy's enacted in law. Theocrats wanting to bring religion closer to the State, socialists wanting the Federal Government to have more power over the economy. And take power away from the States.

Again if your a fan of Individual Liberty both Economic Freedom and Civil Liberties, then you love the US Constitution. Or you should at least check it out. Because its an Individualist Document written by liberals and libertarians big believers in Individual Liberty. Not written for collectivists or authoritarians.