Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Debate In 100 Seconds: "What Happens In Vegas": Now my take

All right now here's my version of tonight's GOP Presidential Debate, Rick Perry woke up and had a good debate. He's still a serious contender but still number two or three. He was very forceful, well prepared and not afraid to stand up for himself or defend himself. Or go on the attack as well. And I believe looking at the debate, Mitt Romney still believes Perry is his strongest challenger. Mitt Romney is still in First Place with a sizable lead but hasn't clinched the Conference Title yet. To use a Sports Analogy, he hasn't sealed the deal to use a Salesperson Analogy. And hopefully thats my last analogy, for this blog. I believe the Republican Party still sees Romney as their best chance to beat President Obama in 2012. And thats what he has going for him, not because they actually like him. Michelle Bachmann is still Michelle Bachmann, still swinging for the fences and not making much contact. I know thats another Sports Analogy, she took some big swings on immigration. But the only thing she connected on was Herman Cain's Tax Reform plan. And I would probably give her a HR on that actually, her only score in the debate. She's damn right the 9 9 9 is essentially a Tax Hike on most Tax Payers, because its a Flat Tax. Bachmann has yet to lay out a reason a case why she should be President of the United States. Other then that she doesn't like the people she's running against and that aint enough to get it done. Herman Cain took some steps back tonight spending most of the night on defense. Not controlling the ball much or advancing it, defending his Tax Reform plan most of the night. And some strange statements on immigration and negotiating with terrorists.

Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul were pretty much there for the ride, I guess interested in what they were hearing. The person who impressed me the most tonight was Rick Santorum. Who's someone I agree with on almost nothing except with how we combat American Poverty. Where we both have a strong interest in and has some solid Progressive Policy's there as it relates to putting people on welfare to work. But Sen. Santorum is someone I have a lot of respect for because we agree on poverty. And he's very honest and straight forward on what he thinks. But what impressed me about Sen. Santorum and why I now believe he's a strong contender to be the Vice Presidential Nominee for the Republican Nominee. Especially for someone like Mitt Romney who's a Northeastern Republican, who's not trusted by the Republican Base, especially the Christian Right and Tea Party. Is because Rick Santorum has most if not all what Romney doesn't have. Sen. Santorum is a Congressional Veteran, 16 years, he's liked by the Republican Base, he's young by Political Standards 53. He could replace President Romney after eight years if that were to happen. Which would make him a Congressional Veteran with serious Executive Experience as Vice President. And he has Foreign Policy experience ten years on the Armed Services Committee.

I believe there were two winner in tonight's debate, Mitt Romney who's still the clear Frontrunner. And Rick Santorum who now looks like a serious Presidential Candidate who can go on the attack. As well as articulate a Positive Vision of his own but and Economic Policy would help them there. But also some who would look Vice Presidential to the Republican Party and could matchup with Vice President Biden. While Rick Perry, Herman Cain are still in the game and are serious challengers but need to figure out what their next play is. Because they didn't gain any momentum tonight.