Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Democracy, Tyranny, and Liberty: What's the best System to guarantee Individual Liberty

When deciding what type of country you want to have, you need to know what type of government your going to have. And what's the relationship going to be between lets say the Federal Government. And the State or Provincial and Local Governments and you need a National Constitution for that. And once you do that, you then need to decide what type of country your going to have. As far as how government relates with its people. What's legal and illegal basically how the people can live their lives and how they can interact with other people. Basically what the rights if any do the people have in the country. If you want a form of government and country where there's a large amount of Individual Freedom. Then as a liberal and someone who believes in Individual Freedom, I would suggest a democracy. But it can't stop with democracy because there are several forms of democracy. So you need to know what type of democracy you want to have. And again I would suggest a democracy that guarantees the most amount of Individual Freedom. To figure out what type of country your going to have. And how government relates to the people and how much ability if any people have to live their own lives. And what's the responsibility if any, that government has in relating with its people.

There's what's called a Socialist Democracy, where people have a lot of Individual Freedom. As far as how they live their lives socially but where Economic Freedom is somewhat limited. Because the State plays a large role in the economy and I would use Sweden as a perfect example of this. Then there's a Conservative Democracy where people are essentially free to live their lives but where they only have a conservative amount of freedom. And I would use Turkey as an example of this and then there's a Majoritarian Democracy. Where essentially the majority rules over the minority and can essentially make people do what they want. Where Minority Rights aren't well respected and I would use America pre Civil Rights Laws of the 1960s as an example of that. And then there's my favorite form of democracy what's called Liberal Democracy. Where the people have the Individual Liberty to live their own lives essentially as they see fit. As long as they are not hurting anyone with their freedom. And America now would be my example of that, even though I believe we should have more Individual Liberty. But thats a different blog.

A lot of people believe especially Classical Conservatives and libertarians. That a republic is the best way to guarantee Individual Liberty and to protect Minority Rights. But there are plenty examples of republics that aren't democracy's but Authoritarian Republics. And even have dictators running their government. Syria is a perfect example of this, so would China and North Korea or Cuba. So republics aren't the way to guarantee Individual Liberty. But a Republic in the form of a Liberal Democracy is they way to do that.