Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Sunday, October 2, 2011

GOV Rick Perry Discusses Social Security and Health Care: Hot Topics for 2012

Rick Perry I believe put the nail in the coffin as far as him winning the 2012 Presidential Election. And perhaps the 2012 Republican Nomination for President as well. When he called Social Security "Unconstitutional" and called it a "Ponzi Scheme". But he does make a couple good points about the fact the Social Security won't be around. For my Generation X if we don't reform it and his idea about turing Social Security over to the States. And allowing them to set up their own Social Security System which would save the Federal Government. Around 1T$ a year if its done right and the Federal Government puts in basic Federal Standards that each State would have to live under. Actually Mitt Romney is running to the left of GOV Perry on Social Security, he's actually to the left of GOV Perry. On several other issues or was to the left of GOV Perry on several other issues. But Social Security is one issue where GOV Romney is proud to be the left of GOV Perry and not trying to cover it up. Had GOV Perry not used the term "Ponzi Scheme" and just referred to the problems with the system. Down the road for the Gen Xers and Generation Y and saying we have to save this system for them. Because most of these people don't believe this system will be there for them when they retire. Then he would've had a point and won some points for Political Courage.

GOV Perry also makes a good point about Health Insurance where one of the problems with our Healthcare System. When he made the point that one of our problems is that we have a layer of people in between the Health Insurance. And the people paying for the Health Insurance. Which leads to things like Administrative Costs and wouldn't be nice if we had a Healthcare System. Where each of us owned our own Health Insurance Policy, without our employers, a Health Insurer private or public. In the way of our Health Insurance. We would each set up our own Health Insurance Policy based on what we would need. And the pay for that ourselves, the question is how would finance this. Because on of the advantages of having someone else pay into our Health Insurance Policy like an employer. Is that means thats one less cost that the people receiving the Health Insurance have to pay for. But I guess the idea of eliminating the go between with our Health Insurance. Is that would bring down our Health Insurance Costs, because we would then eliminate the Administrative Costs and Overhead Costs.

GOV Perry won't be President of the United States at least in 2013, he has too many holes to fill. Thats what happens a lot when people get on the National Stage for the first time. They say things that they normally say but they say them to a much wider audience. And everything they say gets examined over and over. But he has put a couple issues on the table and forced people to think about them. And should get credit for that.