Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Harry Browne on Firing Line 1970: "Unavoidable Economic Consequences": Consequences of bad decisions

Harry Browne to me is a lot like what Ron Paul is today for the Libertarian Movement. As far as what he believes and how he articulates his beliefs. And had the Libertarian Party been professional then and now, Harry Browne would've been a serious Presidential Candidate. Not someone struggling to get a couple Percentage Points in the polls. Harry Browne is someone who ran for President for the Libertarian Party. Several times going back to I believe 1980 up until 1996 or 2000 but since the LP was such a minor party. Not because of their politics but because of their organization. Harry Browne was never a serious Presidential Candidate as far as someone who could. Either get elected President of the United States or gain enough votes to influence the Presidential Election. Which is what Ross Perot did for the Reform Party back in 1992 and 1996. Ron Paul and Harry Browne basically speak to the same voters, the Libertarian Movement. Not just the Libertarian Party, but libertarians in the Republican Party. Who are tired of the Neoconservatives and Religious Right. As well as libertarians in the Democratic Party as well as liberals in that party. Who are fed up with the Socialist Democrats in that party. People who want to make America more like Europe and as far as the Religious Right. People who want to turn America either into a theocracy or make Christianity the Official Religion. As well as Independent Libertarians who don't like how the Libertarian Party is run.

The differences between Ron Paul and Harry Browne and if you watched this video. You would know they sound very similar on Economic Policy and inflation. The difference being that Ron Paul markets his politics much better and can communicate to broader audiences. Ron Paul understands that the country is becoming more liberal and libertarian. Not just on Social Issues but Economic Policy as well and that americans want more freedom in how they live their own lives. And have become more tolerant in how other people live their lives. Gay Rights is an excellent example of this. As well as immigration and marijuana and government to have less influence with how Free People live their own lives. Another advantage that Ron Paul has going for him, is except for 1988. Rep. Paul has run for President during the Information Revolution. With the internet and everything else and has more tools to communicate with voters especially young voters. Where I believe Harry Browne's last Presidential Campaign was in 1996 or 2000. Just as the internet was growing pre YouTube, blogging, Social Networks etc. As well as Rep. Paul holding Public Office and being a veteran in the US House as as US Rep.

Harry Browne was Ron Paul 15-20 years ago but with out Rep. Paul's tools to communicate and to reach as many voters. And if Rep. Paul were to decide to run a Third Party Campaign in 2012. He would be a factor in that Presidential Election, with his ability to raise money. Unlike Harry Browne who for the most part was seen as another Third Party Presidential Candidate.