Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Herman Cain Being Pressed On If He's A Neocon On Meet The Press": What is a Neoconservative

To answer Herman Cain's question on what a Neoconservative is, a Neoconservative is someone who believes. That American Foreign Policy should be based on spreading democracy around the World. Especially with our military, that we even invade Foreign Countries that have Authoritarian Regimes. Throw those regimes out of power, occupy that country and then install another government there. In hopes that its a Democratic Government and that we don't leave that country. Until they have a functioning Central Government that can defend the country. So when Mr Cain says on NBC Meet the Press that we shouldn't leave Afghanistan until they can defend themselves. He's just laid out at least one Neoconservative position that he has. Which again with his position on the Federal Reserve will prevent him along with other reasons. From winning the Republican Nomination for President, because neither the. Federal Reserve or Afghanistan are popular in the Republican Party right now. Not that Mr Cain had much of a chance at winning the Republican Nomination anyway. He's simply picking up the support that Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry flushed down the toilet. Which will eventually go to another republican or perhaps even leave the Republican Party in a Third Party bid. Which I believe is possible if Mitt Romney does go on to become the Republican Nominee. Which at this point looks pretty good for him if he avoids making real bad mistakes. Misstatements thats sorta thing, or Ethical Issues that could pop up down the line.

So what is a Neoconservative, I just gave you and example of a Neoconservative position on Foreign Policy. But to put it shortly and not to try to sound like I'm writing a book about Neoconservatism. Neoconservatives are basically people that believe that National Security is more important the Constitutional Rights. Take the Patriot Act or Preventive War where you attack somebody before they attack you. Because you feel they are a potential threat , 2003 Iraq War case in point. Again even if it may violate Constitutional Rights like the Patriot Act, which Classical Conservatives, liberals, libertarians as well as socialists believe it does. The idea being that without security you can't have freedom, with security. Whereas those other Political Factions believe the opposite is true. Another example of a Neoconservative Policy would be Indefinite Detention. Like when it comes to prisoners from the War on Terror, locking up those people until you believe they are no longer a threat. No trial no sentence an indefinite amount of time, another example would Warrantless Wiretapping.

If your a Neoconservative, you believe in a form of Big Government when it comes to having what I would call as a liberal. A Police State that government is here to protect the people. Including from themselves, Neoconservatism is not just about National Security but gets to Social Issues an Economic Policy as well. Its a movement thats lost some steam in the Republican Party after eight years of the Bush Administration. And how far down they drove the Republican Party, that Herman Cain should think about before taking Neoconservative positions.