Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ken Burns on PBS Funding: Is Public Broadcasting a Role for Government?

I'll admit as lame as it might sound that I love a lot of the programming from Public Broadcasting. Whether its PBS or C-Span and there are more and I'm a fan of several Ken Burns Documentary's. I think you at least need to follow Public Broadcasting if your interested in politics and Current Affairs. As well as the history of politics and Current Affairs as well, I'm glad they are in business and I hope they stay in business. If you want to write and blog about it and do a good job. But I don't believe I should be forced to pay for it and I don't believe any other american should be forced to pay for it. Especially the people who don't like or disagree with their programming. The History Channel shows similar programming as PBS and they are also on twenty four hours a day. Same thing with C-Span and they show both Current Affairs as well as History Programming as well. And to a certain extent I believe they do a much better job. And you don't have to see a slant in their programming, they just show what they reported. Or what their people reported that they work with. Instead of getting a slant in one direction or not, which is what you get from PBS and NPR. Its not secret why PBS and NPR is loved by liberals and hated at least to a certain extent by conservatives. Because PBS and NPR is tailored to their point of view and backs it up at least to a certain extent.

Of course the left will point out that the right has FOX News, well of course they are right. But here's the difference, FNC is Privately Funded and PBS and NPR both get Tax Payer Funding. Conservatives don't have to fund FNC but they are forced to fund PBS and NPR whether they want to or not. And I'm a liberal and I'm not making these points to bash liberalism but to make a point. If you can't take on your own side, when they are wrong. Your not very qualified to take on the other side when they are wrong, because you lack the credibility to do so. Public Broadcasting could still be public without Tax Payer funds to pay for it. They could set up their own foundations raise funding from people who would pay for it. And I would be happy to donate to them and Hollywood and museums and other Private Foundations that are interested. In their programming would be happy to donate to them and Public Broadcasting could also to expand their programming. To bring in more revenue. Expanding their News Division, creating an Entertainment Division, showing more movies etc. Combine PBS with NPR and with C-Span, History Channel, A&E even. There are way they can finance their operations even better without Tax Payer money.

There millions of people who are interested in funding and watching Public Broadcasting, so let them instead of forcing people who disagree with their message. Be forced to pay for it and let Public Broadcasting do as well as their programming will allow. Instead of guaranteeing them revenue, no matter what. If people who are interested in their programming as well or not.