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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Save Our Sovereignty: The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer- Ron Paul Interview Before His Plan Restore America Press Conference

Source: Save Our Sovereignty- CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer & U.S. Representative Ron Paul, R, Texas-
Source: Save Our Sovereignty: The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer- Ron Paul Interview Before His Plan To Restore America Press Conference

I'll give Representative Ron Paul credit for putting a serious fiscal policy on the table. He takes on the entire Federal Government. Not just gutting social insurance programs and leaving defense alone. He eliminates several Federal departments and cuts, including Commerce, HUD, Education, Interior and Energy. As well as around 250K jobs in an economy with weak economic and job growth. And I'm guessing Representative Paul considers all of these public service employees "unproductive". Probably no severance packages, meaning a lot of them would probably end up on Unemployment Insurance. If the Paul Plan were to ever become law, huge if no matter which party is in control of the next Congress, or if we still have a divided Congress going into 2013. And Representative Paul also cuts defense by 200B$ a year. Including 200B$ in his first year as President of the United States. Again a huge if for the same reasons I wrote my own fiscal plan a couple of months ago.

And it's actually similar as Representative Paul's. Especially in the Defense Department where I would cut around 200B$ a year as well. And take that money out of Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea. Close those foreign bases and bring that money home to pay down our debt and deficit. I wouldn't eliminate those Federal departments, I wold consolidate them. Energy, Interior and Agriculture into one new Federal department the Department of Natural Resources. And I would consolidate Education and Housing and Urban Development  into the Human Services Department. And take the Health Service out of HHS and make it and independent public service. Or perhaps make it part of the Defense Department. Gary Johnson another Libertarian running for President in the Republican Party, who is getting even less respect And I have a similar plan when it comes to the social insurance programs. We would take them out of the Federal Government and give them to the States.

But Governor Johnson would give the States these programs to run. I would take them out of government's hands completely. And turn them into independent non-profit self-financed community services. With Representative  Paul's plan, Governor Johnson's plan and my plan, we all cut the Federal Public Service by around 250K jobs. The difference being that I would give these employees severance packages. That they could collect until they find a job for up to fifty-two weeks. We don't need more unemployed people collecting Unemployment Insurance. Representative Paul has a serious fiscal policy that he's put on the table, more serious than most Libertarians that I've seen. Not including Governor Gary Johnson, who is actually my favorite Libertarian running for President. But it will never become law unless Libertarians were to run run both chambers of Congress while he's President. And a snowy day in Phoenix in July will probably come faster. Representative Paul doesn't take his cuts in Federal jobs as serious as he should. By not offering those people severance packages.