Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Senate Leader Harry Reid Comes Out Against Legal Prostitution": Regulation beats Prostitution here as well

I'm not saying prostitution is a good thing and that I'm suggesting that guys should go out and get prostitutes. Or dump their wives or girlfriends or cheat on them. But there are a lot of things that I wouldn't do and I wouldn't suggest that other people should do as well. I don't smoke anything, I don't drink alcohol, I don't gamble not even State Lottery. Which is a form Legalize Gambling I don't hook up with prostitutes, I'm not attractive to women that look like prostitutes. Doesn't mean I believe that any of these activities should be illegal, that people should go to jail and have a Criminal Record even. For what they do to themselves, I believe its dumber to arrest people who aren't a threat to anyone and who don't hurt anyone. Then to legalize these activities doesn't mean these activities shouldn't be regulated either. We regulate everything else in the economy thats legal, whether its healthy for us or not and for good reason. To protect and prevent the abuse of others on to innocent people. Thats what regulation is for and when our economy is doing well, like in the 1980s and 1990s we regulate. Regulation is just simply a lot more effective and efficient and Cost Effective measure in preventing people from abusing others. Regulate how people interact with each other, rather then try to control how people live their own lives. And you'll have more influence in controlling those activities. Because they are going to go on anyway, prostitution being a perfect example of that.

Prostitution is not called "The Oldest Profession in the World" for nothing. They've earned that title and worked hard to keep it as well. Big Government Progressives should be big fans of Decriminalizing Prostitution, which just means Legalizing Prostitution. But then regulating it, something that the State of Nevada has been more more progressive on. Then most of the rest of the country if not the entire country, because that what they've been doing. At least as long as Las Vegas and Reno have been major Casino Markets. Progressives should be big fans of Decriminalizing Prostitution because of the money in it would generate in Tax Revenue. For all of their Social Insurance Programs and their ideas for more Public Services. Especially in this Age of Austerity where the Federal, State and Local Governments are all cutting back their Public Services. Taxing and Regulating Prostitution would generate a lot more Tax Revenue for them to run their programs. As well as Decriminalizing Gambling and Marijuana as well, liberals and libertarians. Of course like this idea, because the see it as a Freedom of Choice issue Individual Liberty.

Decriminalizing Prostitution would be fairly simple, because prostitutes and pimps for lack of a better term. Rather then be regulated and pay taxes then go to jail. That is the people who are in it to make a living and are not criminals. And the people who are the professionals, would continue doing their thing. And the criminals would go to jail but for Tax Invasion and Prostituting without a License. Sponsoring a Minor that sorta thing and you could get the irresponsible people out of the business. And collect taxes and cut down on your Prison Populations. All good reasons why Regulation beats Prohibition.