Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"We Demand Freedom": "Popular Movements for Liberty in U.S. History": Freedom Fighters?

I would have more respect for the Tea Party Movement if it were truly a Libertarian Movement and not combine with the Religious Right. Which is a Christian Theocratic Movement, looking to combine government with Christianity in America. Because now the Religious Right or at least parts of it have combine with parts of the Tea Party Movement. There are still Tea Partiers who are libertarians or don't care about Social Issues. And have made their movement about Fiscal Policy and Economic Liberty and don't want anything to do with the Religious Right. Unless they work with them on Fiscal Policy without expecting them to help them out on their Social Agenda. Like abortion, Gay Rights etc, I believe the Tea Party Patriots is one of those groups. Thats not interested in Social Issues because they see them as divisive and are looking to maximize their support. Not lose Independent Voters or even republicans that may share their beliefs of Fiscal Policy or are close. But again tend to be much more moderate, liberal or even libertarian on Social Issues. And may want nothing to do with the Religious Right especially if their independents. Those are the Tea Partiers that I have respect for, its the Sarah Palin Michelle Bachmann crowd thats combine Religious Conservatism with the Tea Party. That I believe has cost the Tea Party a lot of support.

The real Libertarian Movement in American Politics is the Ron Paul Movement, because he's an actual libertarian. Who when he says is anti Big Government, you better believe him because he is. He doesn't want government interfering when it comes to Gay Marriage, supports Decriminalizing Marijuana. And except for abortion doesn't support any of the causes of the Religious Right on Social Issues. He believes Free People should be free to live freely and not be harassed by government. In how they live their own lives, as long as they are not hurting anyone else with their freedom. And Ron Paul is the only libertarian in America right now that gets taken seriously at least to a certain extent. As a Presidential Candidate and gets taken seriously by the National Media. And has been able to raise a serious amount of money. To run a serious campaign and may end up being a serious factor in at least some of the Republican Primary's. And even though I don't believe Rep. Paul has a hurricane's chance in hell of winning the Republican Nomination for President. Again because of the Religious Right, may end up doing well enough to form a serious Libertarian Third Party Campaign for President. Next summer and could be a factor in the Presidential Election as well.

Even though I'm a Liberal Democrat I wish the Tea Party Movement was truly a Libertarian or at least a Classical Conservative Movement. That was truly trying to reshape the Republican Party and get it back to its Limited Government roots and separate from the Religious Right. Because then America would once again have two strong Political Parties, even though I believe we should have more then two strong Political Parties. And give American Voters more choices in who they vote for.