Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, October 21, 2011

"What Happens When Your Government Takes Away Entitlements?": Why Individual Liberty and Fiscal Responsibility is so important

Greece represents exactly what it means and what can happen when a countries government doesn't pay its bills. Or allows its population to become so dependent on Social Insurance programs. For their Daily Survival, that when you get into a Fiscal Crisis which is exactly what Greece is going through right now. Their financial situation is so bad that now the Greek Government is cutting back those Social Insurance programs. Like pension, Health Insurance, Healthcare, Unemployment Insurance etc. Programs that the Greek People depend on to survive and are cutting these programs. Not only while Greece is drowning in debt but when their economy is doing real bad, with High Unemployment and everything else. And a reason why the European Union has been so reluctant so far in bailing out Greece. Is because they are facing the same issues that Greece is. Like Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and others. All Socialist Democracy's that spend a lot of their Public Resources and their economy's. Providing all of these Public Services, all of these Social Insurance programs. And when their economy's go down like they have. Their Welfare States struggle as a result because thats where the money is. And what Europe is going through right now, could definitely happen to the United States as well.

If we don't move to get our own Fiscal House in Order, we could making these same drastic cuts as well in the future. Cutting peoples Social Security and Medicare Benefits, as well as Unemployment Insurance Benefits. All cuts that could do a lot of damage to out economy, especially if people have to have these benefits in order to pay their bills. When you create a Welfare State thats so big and you tax at such a high rate to finance it. You make people dependent on it in order to survive, because so much of the money in the economy. Is in the Welfare State but when you empower to finance their own well being. Healthcare, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, retirement and so fourth. But then have a Safety Net to catch people who fall through the cracks, especially when the economy goes down. But then its there not only to help sustain people in the short term. But also empowers them to get themselves back on their feet. You create an Economic System where the people have the Individual Liberty to take care of themselves instead. Which is why Individual Liberty is so important especially in a democracy.

These are differences between a Welfare State and a Safety Net. With a Welfare State government is expected to take care of the people. With Individual Liberty the people are expected to take care of themselves. And then you have a Safety Net to catch people who fall but then helps them back up.