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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

"African American Conservatives share their views on America": Political Diversity is a good thing

This blog may sound controversial which is fine, controversy alone shouldn't be reason not to write something. Especially in a Liberal Democracy with Free Speech but really ever since the late 1960s or so. Perhaps even longer then that, the Democratic Party has been able to count on around 80% of the African American Vote. And in Presidential Elections 90% at least since 2000, to the point that Republican Candidates don't bother recruiting African American Voters. Some African American Republicans and there is such a thing thats not a joke. Don't bother recruiting African American Voters. Some may say what's wrong with that, African Americans are just voting for the candidates that they feel best represents them. Thats a valid point but the problem with that, is once you put all of your eggs in one basket so to speak. You can be taken advantage of which I believe the Democratic Party has done to a certain extent. Democrats can say they are going to vote for me anyway, why bother seeking their votes. Or even listening to them and trying to represent them and if they automatically throw their support behind certain democrats. People lets say much farther to the left that believe the best way to help people in poverty whether they are African American or not. Is through Public Assistance programs from the Federal Government, Welfare Insurance, Public Housing, Food Assistance etc. Letting people collect from these programs indefinitely and not expecting anything from them. Instead of empowerment like through education, Job Training and Job Placement. So people living in Public Housing can get a good job and even run their own business.

What we see in this video, is people who came from the bottom and worked their way up to the Middle or Upper Middle Class. Or are even wealthy now with a good job or running a business. They didn't vote for democrats who let them stay down and not try to help them up. Get trapped in the same failed systems as they've lived in and members of their families from previous generations lived under. And I'm saying this as a Liberal Democrat, I'm just being honest and truthful. If you look at the current African American Leadership if you want to call it that. Especially in the Democratic Party like the Congressional Black Caucus, they basically come from that New Deal Wing of the party. That the best way to help Low Income people, is through Public Assistance giving people money from government. To help them survive but if you talk to a lot of their constituents. A lot of them would say that these people need more then just to be able to survive but to be able to climb the Economic Ladder. So they can get themselves out of poverty and become Self Sufficient. Again that gets to education, one reason why School Choice is popular in the African American Community. And things like education, Job Training and Job Placement.

A lot of African Americans support Free Enterprise principles and are tired of living in poverty. Growing up in poverty and raising their kids in poverty and want to move up in the World. And become Self Sufficient and a lot of people who benefited from the 1996 Welfare to Work Law are African American. And a big reason why President Bill Clinton is so popular in the African American Community. Because President Clinton left office in 2001 with record low Poverty in America and a lot of those people. That left poverty are African American. Which is why African Americans as well as all americans should vote for the candidates that would best represent them. Not vote for candidates just because of the party they belong to.