Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"American Citizens Against Indefinite Detainment": There's no Security without Individual Liberty

My favorite parts about the Republican Presidential Debate about National Security last week and I admit I'm not a republican. I would be an insult to the current Republican Party, so my favorite moments in last weeks debate. Are obviously limited but my 2nd favorite moment from that debate, was when a Neoconservative from the Heritage Foundation. Are there any other type of conservatives working at Heritage right now but one of their employees. In that debate asked Newt Gingrich as we are going through Deficit Reduction right now, with how important our National Security is. Should the Defense Budget be off the table in Deficit Reduction and Speaker Gingrich simply put said no. And then he explained why his answer was no and that no part of the Federal Budget should be off the table. In Deficit Reduction, where ever there's waste in the Federal Government. We should eliminate it, including in the Defense Department, which is something that apparently only Neoconservatives don't understand. But my favorite part of that debate was when Rep. Ron Paul the father of Sen. Rand Paul was asked about Enhance Techniques used against Terrorist Suspects. And I'm paraphrasing here but Rep. Paul answered that once we surrender our Individual Liberty. The Terrorists have won because thats exactly what they want us to do.

There's no such thing as National Security without Individual Liberty, you can't have one without the other. Goes without saying you can't have Individual Liberty without National Security. Once you surrender or lose one, you've lost both because without Individual Liberty. We become Prisoners of the State for them to be able to do to us as they please. Because we don't have the Individual Liberty to stop them from doing to us as they please. And without National Security we don't have the Individual Liberty to live our own lives. Because we would be in fear of being in Physical Danger. Which is the argument that Sen. Rand Paul the son of Rep. Ron Paul was making on the Senate Floor today, unfortunately for Sen. Paul. He was speaking to a majority in both parties that disagree with him, that now we are in a "War on Terror", we may have to surrender. Or have some of our Individual Liberty stricken from us in order to secure our National Security. What people who tend to make this argument, generally Neoconservatives. Fail to understand is that not only we can't have Individual Liberty without National Security and Vice Versa. But these same Enhance Law Enforcement and Military Techniques that we use against Foreign Prisoners and Domestic Prisoners. Those same techniques can be used by Foreign Nations against our Military Personal. Which is a point that Sen. John McCain a former Vietnam POW makes all the time.

I don't agree with Paul's on everything but on Individual Liberty and National Security, I believe they are generally dead right. This is not about being Soft or Strong on Terror but being Smart on Terror. Which of course requires us to be strong but not to the point where we give up our Individual Liberties. Any of them to protect our National Security, which I believe was the point that Sen. Paul was making today. And I believe he did a damn good job of making that case.