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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Anarchism and the Libertarian Party": What Libertarianism should be about

The Libertarian Party and the broader movement came about as I understand it, as a reaction to the New Deal in the 1940s. And the Great Society in the 1960s, as a reaction against Big Government Democratic Socialism. They believed a Welfare State in America was not needed, bad policy and Unconstitutional. The Libertarian Party and Libertarian Movement is about defending the US Constitution and fighting against. Big Government Socialism and Authoritarianism and promoting Limited Government and Individual Liberty and trying to prevent it from. Going outside the US Constitution, a big believer in the entire US Constitution. And uses the 11th Amendment as they see it to fight against Big Government. And to keep the Federal Government from getting outside the 11th Amendment and big believers in Individual Liberty. And that people should be able to live their own lives as they see fit, as long as they are not hurting anyone else with their liberty. And if libertarians were to stick to the Core Principles of being Pro Individual Liberty and Limited Government. They could have a great future and recruit more members to their party. Because I believe a consensus of americans share these same beliefs, its when they take it farther then that. And sound like Anti Government not Anti Big Government but Anti Government period. That they get into trouble because then they sound like anarchists instead of libertarians or liberals. And its costs them support because a consensus of americans aren't Anti Government. But most of us tend to support Limited Government.

A lot of people asked me how I would describe my politics and I've always answered that I'm a Liberal or a Liberal Democrat. Not just because I'm a Member and proud Member of the Democratic Party. But because I believe in Liberal Democracy which is what traditionally the Democratic Party has been about. As much as socialists in the party want to change that, Liberal Democracy is exactly that. The right of individuals to have the liberty to live their own lives and not be harassed by government. Thats one thing that Limited Government is about, the reason why I'm not a libertarian. Is because most if not all libertarians that I've talked to or heard of, are Anti Government period. Not just Anti Big Government which I am but Anti Government all together, they don't even want government policing the streets or managing security at airports. Thats just not me, I'm not Anti Government, I'm Anti Big Government, I'm not Pro Government either. That socialists tend to be but Pro Limited Government and thats a big difference. Once your Anti Government, your just a step away or maybe just a half a step from being an anarchist. The Libertarian Party will never make it in America if they are a Party of Anarchy. For their message to succeed, they have to be Pro Limited Government. Not Anti Government or they'll never going anywhere.

The Future of the Libertarian Party, their Path to Prosperity and getting out of the hole of being in Minor Third Party Politics. The Farm League of our Two Party System if you will. Is for them to be the party of Limited Government and Anti Big Government but not Anti Government all together. And then recruit Libertarian Independents, Classical Conservative Republicans and Classical Liberal Democrats into their party. To vote, raise money and run for Public Office at all levels and winning building the LP all across the country. Otherwise they'll always be the AAA Affiliate of the Two Party System.