Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, November 28, 2011

"Common Sense Capitalism Salutes Socialist Lawmaker Barney Frank": The Distinguished Gentlemen from Massachusetts

Today in case your unaware or perhaps don't follow politics very closely or perhaps just had other things to do. Rep. Barney Frank Progressive Democrat from Massachusetts and one of the best spokespeople. For Democratic Socialism in America announced that he's retiring from the House of Representatives after his 16th Term expires in 2013. When I think of terms like "Distinguished Gentlemen", thats used all the time in Congress, both in the House and Senate. Whether the man is gentle or distinguished or not. Or a grouchy old bastard who should've left Congress twenty years ago. When I think of the term "Distinguished Gentlemen", I think of Barney Frank because he was exactly that. Whether you like him or not and I have mixed feelings about Rep. Frank both good and bad. I love his honesty but I'm not crazy about how he talks about people who disagree with him. Easily one of the most Partisan Animals in Congress and also one of the effective in Congress in either party, a bit too partisan for my taste. But when he's right, its hard to disagree with him and he do would do it with such great humor as well. Off the cuff which is really impressive to and would do it in a way that would even make the people he's critiquing. Laugh at what's he saying, he would say things like and I'm I don't know if Barney Frank actually said this or not. Just trying to give you a sense of his humor but that Newt Gingrich or someone like that. The Gentlemen from wherever has a ability of making you believe something thats untrue the truth, because of the conviction of his argument. Or the Gentlemen knows so many things that aren't true. Barney Frank's Sense of Humor which I'll miss, reminds me of Ron Reagan, he's just as funny.

Actually I wish Barney Frank was still Chairman of the Financial Services Committee, because that would mean that House Democrats. Would still have the House Majority, but not because I agree with Rep. Frank on a lot of issues. Because I probably disagree with Rep. Frank as often as I agree with him. Like on Deficit Reduction, the Role of the Federal Government but on Foreign Policy and Social Issues. Rep. Frank probably agrees more often with Rep. Ron Paul a Libertarian Republican and Presidential Candidate. Then he disagrees with Rep. Paul and I'm similar with Paul on that but I disagree with Frank and Paul on Economic Policy. Barney Frank represents to me exactly what a Democratic Socialist or Socialist Libertarian should be. Same thing with Rep. Dennis Kucinich, very liberal to libertarian on Social Issues, same thing on National Security and Foreign Policy. But of course socialist on Economic Policy, which gives Rep. Frank the ability cross the isle with Rep. Paul or Rep. Walter Jones. On National Security or the War on Drugs or Decriminalization of Marijuana a bill he has with Rep. Paul. But then work with the Progressive Caucus on Single Payer Healthcare or trying to pass a 1T$ Works Projects bill. Or letting all of the Bush Tax Cuts expire to invest in Infrastructure Investment.

The Distinguished Gentlemen from Massachusetts is retiring but his Sense of Humor will live on. And maybe when he's up in Maine at his Vacation Home, he and Bob Dole will get together. And write a book about great Political Humor or Congressional Humor, that will teach today's politicians. Not to take politics too seriously especially themselves and once you lose your Sense of Humor in Politics. Or don't even have one to begin, then its time to leave politics. Because then politics just becomes about work studying CBO Reports and FED Charts. Instead of serving the people.