Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, November 4, 2011

"The Fall of Communism 1991": Its bound to happen

Even though communism as a Political Ideology has lost a lot of power and influence in the last twenty years. Its not finish and is still around, I mean the largest country in the World. The Peoples Republic of China is a Communist Republic, even though the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991-92. And essentially became the Federal Republic of Russia, communism is still alive not doing well. But certainly not on Life Support, as the Soviet Union collapsed. The Peoples Republic has gotten stronger and is emerging as both an Economic and Diplomatic Superpower. With its population and economy and the resources its invested in it military and there still two Communist Republics. With Nuclear Weapons, China and North Korea and there's still a Communist Republic in Cuba. Which of course is in the Caribbean, basically part of North America, just ninety miles South of Florida. Communism is not dead but has certainly lost influence but its no longer a battle between democracy and communism. But a battle of what type of democracy that these countries are going to have. And in the Middle East, its a battle between democracy. theocracy and Military Dictatorship. Like in Egypt and in Syria and to a certain extent monarchy like in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. And there still Communist Parties in Europe and some of them even have seats in Parliament. Communism isn't dead its just evolving and China is a perfect example of this.

In China communism has evolved into Authoritarian Capitalism where Social Freedom is still very limited. But where the Chinese People now have some level of Economic Liberty. To chart their own courses in life, they just better not use that liberty against the Chinese Government. Or may end up in some Secret Prison for the rest of their lives, with their families having no idea of where they are. And China opening up its economy to where they now have a Socialist/Capitalist Economy. Where they now have Private Enterprise mixed in with a Welfare State and State Enterprise. This is why their economy has taken off and grown the way that it has to where its now the 2nd largest economy in the World. China calculated over thirty years ago under I believe Mao that for China to become a World Power. That it can't be a Third or Fourth World Country, that it had to have an economy that could support its people. And be able to finance a military that could not only defend this huge nation. About the size of America physically but also be an Asian Power and also a World Power. Like Russia and this is something that the Communist Republic of Korea. Has never figured out and why they are such a dirt poor nation that can't even feed themselves. They spend almost all of their resources on their military and protecting their regime.

Communism isn't dead but its adapted in places like China, Russia and even Cuba to a certain extent. With Fidel Castro out of power and with Raul Castro as its President. Who has moved to open up parts of the Cuban Economy to capitalism and has given the Cuban People some Economic Liberty. And lets see what the Cuban People who by in large are fairly well educated with decent Healthcare. Lets see what Cuba is able to do with their new liberty.