Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, November 4, 2011

"Fixing' Big Government is Not Conservative": What is the Role of Government

I believe before you should try to fix anything, you should see whether the thing that you want to fix. Should be doing what's its doing in the first place, or is there a better way to accomplish that. Whatever the thing is suppose to do and that this rule should be used in life generally. Whether its government or anything else, you would have to do less fixing and wondering if this is not working. Because you would do a better job in assigning roles and responsibilities. And since this blog is at least somewhat about government, then I'll focus there. I believe that if this rule was applied to the Federal Government today and over the years. We wouldn't have things like Corporate Welfare, National Endownment for the Arts, National Endownment for the Humanities. Department of Agriculture, there's a good source for Corporate Welfare there. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Housing and Urban Development, especially Urban Development. Sounds exactly like the role for a city and Mayor, not the Federal Government. We have both a Department of Labor and Commerce, why do they have to be separate. We have a Department of Education even though its job is not to run Public Education in America. They play more of an advisory and research role, as well as providing some resources. But they provide more Unfunded Mandates then resources. We have both a Department of Energy and Department of Interior. They both play similar roles and relate to Energy Policy in America, again why do we need both of them or even of them. How come they can't come together.

What a lot of politicians do when they come into office or come back to office. Is that they see a problem in the country and automatically assume that. That problem can be solved in the first place and there's a government program that can solve that problem. Or we can solve that problem by spending more money on a current government program. Department of Energy and the Department of Education are perfect examples of this. Energy was created in the late 1970s in the Carter Administration to move America towards Energy Independence . Especially after the Energy Shortages of the mid and late 70s, thirty plus years later. We still don't have a National Energy Policy, we are more dependent on Foreign Oil. To issues that DOE were suppose to address, the Department of Education created in the same period. To essentially give Public Education a voice in the Federal Cabinet and improve Public Education. Thirty plus years later our Public Education System is even worse, we are no longer in the top 5-10 but closer to 40. When your trying to figure out what government should do, first read the US Constitution. And first try to figure out exactly what government should be doing and should it have a role here or not. Then try to figure out what's the best solution to the issue and whether government should play a role there or not.

If Public Officials would just take the time to examine what the issue is that they want to address. Before they try to deal with the issue and figure out whether government is doing a good job. In what its currently doing before they try to expand it or give it more money. Then government would be a lot more efficient and waste a lot less money. Because the Role of Government would be a lot more define , because we would have a much better idea in what it should be doing. And how exactly we should be trying to solve the issues that the country faces.