Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hunger & Poverty In America: What we can do about it

Tomorrow as most of America celebrates Thanksgiving or try to celebrate Thanksgiving, a National Holiday that we celebrate by stuffing our faces with food. Lets take the time to at least think about the people who won't be able to stuff their faces with food. Or who may eat but not have enough food to eat and may even go hungry. Lets even if we can do something about this problem, lets take some time out of our great days. As we are celebrating one of the greatest holidays in the World, to drop by a Grocery Store, donate some grocery's to the Salvation Army. Buy some grocery's to take over to a Food Bank or a Homeless Shelter, give to a church. Or bring some extra food that we have at home and take that food to one of those places. That are only in the business to help people who can't take care of themselves, volunteer at a Food Bank, Homeless Shelter or a church. Buy serving meals for people who don't have enough food, perhaps even make meals for these people. Bring your own food to one of these place and then give thanks to what we have and celebrate that. But also give thanks to the fact that we have the ability to give back, that we are good people and live in a great country. That allows us to be able to do these things, to help out people who can't help themselves. I'm not making a case for creating new Government Social Insurance Programs to take care of the Less Fortunate. I'm making a case for people who can and have the ability to not only take care of themselves. But do such a great job of taking care of themselves, that they are in the position to help other people who can't do those things. For whatever reasons and help them make their Thanksgiving a little better or even tolerable.

I'm not making the case that we can rely on Private Charity to solve our Poverty Issues, I'm not a libertarian. I'm also not making the case that we can rely on government to solve these problems on their own. If we just spend more money on our current Social Insurance Programs or create new ones. I'm not a socialist either, that should be pretty clear by now. If its not then what the hell you been reading about me and could you share what you been reading about me. What I'm saying is that we need a Multi Layer approach to solving these problems that we've been dealing with as a country. At least since the "Great Depression" eighty years ago and if anything I believe the Federal Government should step back. And empower the people to handle these issues, again not by only depending on Private Charity to deal with these issues. But empowering a whole new Non Profit Community Service Industry thats in the business of empowering people in need to help themselves. Everything from Anti Homelessness, Anti Hunger, Job Training, retraining our Low Income workers. Healthcare, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance. All these programs that the Federal Government currently runs, getting them off of the Federal Budget and turning them into Semi Private Non Profit Self Financed Community Services.

So tomorrow lets make Thanksgiving the greatest Thanksgiving we've ever had, not just because of the amount of great food we ate. But all of the thanks we gave and all the people we helped. Make their Thanksgiving better and made their kids Thanksgiving better and perhaps even helped them again. Instead of taking the attitude well I did my good deed for the year and not even remember the person you helped. And maybe even helped them so much that they were able to get on their feet so for Thanksgiving 2012. Just one year away they were able to help other people as well and we can create a new Cycle of Giving Back.